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Travels of a Trucker Quality Family Time

November 22, 2011

Take A Break

Every driver needs some downtime. We need to take a break from the truck. We need to spend some quality family time or spend some “me” time and do other things which get us out of the truck living our lives and staying healthy. In the next few paragraphs we will examine some of the things we can do regardless if we have a family or not.

Family Time

Family time. It keeps us sane, it keeps us healthy and it allows us to be productive in the lives of our children and our spouses. If a driver does not have a spouse or the children are grown up then at least seeing or being with other relatives should be a key issue. We need these emotional attachments since they are the basis of any human existence. Sure we have friends. Sure we have buddies, however, we all need to feel that love from a family. I try to get out of the truck as often as I can. I have 2 little ones who are constantly phoning me on the road asking me when I am coming home. They are of course sad when I can’t come home, but it gives me something to look forward to. I enjoy my time off with my young ones in a variety of ways. We go to the park and bike, we go to the fairs, we go to parades, we do trick or treating together, I take my children to sports, we make homemade jams, we go out to the movies and we go out to eat. These are just a few of the things that I do with my family and every time I get to be home, I take full advantage of the situation.

My son loves Football so I make known to my dispatcher what days I need off beforehand and try to coordinate the loads for those days. Sundays are a must to be off since those are his game days. Practices during the week I can allow mom to take him.

A yearly tradition and highlight for our family to celebrate the summer is making Blueberry, strawberry and Raspberry jam. We then give away a few jars of each to our co-workers keeping just enough to last us through the year.

Halloween is a must have off. I love taking my children around every year for Halloween. I also get my fair share of goodies and treats 🙂

A day at the park bike riding with my children…do I look good or what?

Enjoying a family day at the PNE Fair

“Me” Time

Sometimes as drivers we are young and single. We can be divorced or we have no young ones left to entertain. This doesn’t mean you should be left excluded from the journey of life. There are many things that you can do also which will get you out of the truck and doing other things. Things like taking your pet for a walk if you have one. Parking close to a mall and spending a few hours walking around to relieve some of the fast food you may have eaten on the road or the donuts and coffee. You can also park the truck and go see a movie at the theater. You can go and read a book at the local coffee shop to get out of the truck. You can rent a hotel room for the weekend or the few days you have off and go for a few drinks. You can even find a hobby if you are back at your home base for your time off. Go to Auctions and pick up some great deals. Head over to a flea market and look for some great deals. Spend some time at the park. Whatever the choice you choose, just enjoy your time away from the truck and recuperate for the next trip.

Spouse Time

If you are married and have no children or your children are all grown up then a good quality spouse time is needed. Spending time with your loved one is always a treat. You know the feeling when you’ve been on the road and that special someone has been waiting for you to come home and when you do she has a smile on her face and joy in her heart that is just unbeatable. Taking her for a nice romantic dinner (after showering of course) and then enjoying a nice quiet romantic evening at home is the best time. It allows for the emotional attachments to restrengthen and of course to show your love and appreciation for her.

Game Time

Perhaps your a big sports fanatic? Love your home town teams? Well then go to a game. Enjoy it. You certainly deserve it! Take a friend with you. Have a beer…or two. Chill out, relax and enjoy the game. Maybe you love Ice Hockey?

Maybe you love Football?

(Yes this is me!)

whatever sport you love, enjoy it and takes some time to enjoy your days off!

The Bottom Line

The Bottom line is that you know yourself the best. You know when you have to get out of the truck. You know when things start bothering you that you just have to get away! You know when you are getting antsy and are not feeling so healthy. It is your call and taking time away from the truck is not only healthy it is a must. Not only for you, your loved, your children, but for your health. Thanks for reading Travels of a Trucker. If you like my blogs, please follow me along on my journeys by signing up with email or with Google Connect. Share the word and Thanks!


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