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Travels of a Trucker Unusual Delivery

November 27, 2011

Unusual Delivery

Sometimes we as truckers are often called upon to deliver the weirdest of loads or we have to deliver to places that seem strange and foreign to us. Imagine being a city slicker and having to deliver to a rural farm setting. Or imagine you have a load that is too funny looking like a 20′ sea container. They just seem to be so odd that they look funny or the scenario is amusing or we actually have fun at our jobs. This trip was one that I enjoyed and had fun at.

The load

The load I had was a preloaded trailer. It had been destuffed from a container, filled with pallets of boots or something similar which were a hot item. Apparently the load was so hot that this order had basically been pre-sold and the load was highly anticipated by the receiver. I didn’t even know what was in the load when I picked it up as it had been pre-sealed by the shipper. I just arrived, hooked onto the trailer, did my pre-trip and was gone. The load was headed to a place called Duchess which is a little community about tow and a half hours outside of Calgary Eastbound close to Brooks, Alberta. It was the middle of winter so deep freeze was well under way with no concern for Black Ice or other dangers that may make this trip unsafe. It was cold and sunny at the same time. My only concern of course was driving through the mountains but that trip the weather was actually behaving itself quite nicely.

I arrived in Brooks in the late after leaving Delta late the night before. I was on a slow boat with no hurry so I had taken my time a little more than usual. Brooks is about 15 hours drive from where I picked up the load and after leaving my home base and making my way to Merrit to sleep for the rest of the night I arose in the morning and continued on my journey. By nightfall I was in Duchess and headed up to my destination. It was dark and I could not see any of the side roads so I had to stop and call the receiver. it wasn’t that late, but it was late enough I was not going to deliver that day. When the receiver answered he gave me instructions how to get there and said he would be waiting at the entrance to his farm. So off I went. A few miles later and having turned onto another sideroad I was travelling a couple of miles and saw the lights of the vehicle waiting for me. I turned into the driveway of the receiver and found myself driving another kilometer on packed gravel. It was rather bumpy with lots of potholes. When we arrived I surveyed as best I could. It seemed as though I was on a farm of some type and I was delivering to his storage warehouse. He said that they would unload me in the morning.

I slept well that night with the truck idling providing me enough heat to keep me warm. Morning arrived and lo and behold I was on a farm. Horses everywhere, cows everywhere, dogs, and other animals all roamed freely on the farm. I was as a matter of fact in the middle of them. I came out of the truck and the family business was just getting started for the day. First they pulled out the old tractor which they had modified to use the pitchforks of the tractor as the skid lifter. They were using manual labor of course to move the pallets to the rear with a pallet jack, but it was about the funniest thing I have ever seen with a tractor being used to lift pallets out of a truck.

it worked though and the boots were delivered safely. No sooner were they in the door and they were ripping boxes open and filling the shelves. The shelves were bare so they were expecting and needing this load which was one of many to come for them in the next couple of months.

I had a grand old time being a city guy. Trying to walk up to the horses. Approaching the cows and playing with the dogs.

If I could have I would have forgotten about driving and stayed right there on that farm in Duchess, Alberta. So the moral, just remember that driving is not always about hard work or listening to the bad dispatchers. Sometimes we get the unusual which makes our job fun! Thanks for reading Travels of a Trucker. If you enjoy my short stories, feel free to sign up by email or use Google connect to get the latest stories.


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  1. Terri Baker permalink

    What a nice farm. I love the horses. Great story!

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