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Travels of a Trucker Is it just me??

November 30, 2011

As a truck driver I am driving one of the slowest vehicles on the road. Gearing up and gearing down take forever and anytime I can actually pass anyone is a joyous occasion. If I had a passenger we’d be high-fiving each other at every pass 🙂 But in all honesty there are some things which I always seem to catch onto like there was some special curse placed on me. Perhaps it is a curse placed on all of us who drive a truck. Here are my curses.

I can be the only traffic for what seems like an awfully long time. Never a light behind me, but when I hit that hill I am magically passed by 15 cars that I must have dropped from the undercarriage of my chassis 😦

I can speed all I want but there is always a truck that goes faster than me 😦

I can be the fastest truck on the road, but it isn’t good enough for people in cars. Even if I was doing 120 they would want to pass me 😦

I love my company truck, but there is always a better looking truck that I wish was mine 😦

I can pass a vehicle going slower than me on a straight stretch of road but when I hit that hill they don’t understand it will only take me a few minutes more than them so I have to repeat the process of passing all over again 😦

No matter how light my load is, there is always someone with a lighter load 😦

I get passed by a Super B or a trailer hauling doubles when I have a single on and I curse my truck thinking I have no horsepower then I start texting the boss with anger 😦

No matter how hard I try to keep my truck clean there is always a spot of missed dust or the floor has “magic” dirt! 😦

No matter how hard I try to keep myself clean I always seem to attract grease on me 😦

When it snows I never have to put a chain on. When it is slushy and wet I have to crawl under the truck wheels and get soaking wet 😦

Whenever I tell someone I will be there I never make it. Something always breaks down or some unforeseen event gets in the way 😦

I try to avoid the scales like the Plague, but no matter what I do, how good I drive, how nice and shiny and clean my truck is they are always pulling me in for some new obscure rule 😦  Historically we can always travel to the left of the scale if we are bobtailing or empty. Now with the new transponder rules we have to always cross the scale.

Tires and me are the best of friends and we have to a loving relationship 😦 I love to keep em on and they love to blow on me 😦

No matter where I park and get WiFi, someone always has to park in front of me with a trailer cutting it off 😦

When I am joyous it isn’t snowing out, 5 minutes later, it’s snowing 😦

No traffic is around me and when I make a turn and after making the turn 4 or 5 cars are suddenly behind me 😦

I am always the last truck looking for a parking spot and have to rely on the back row with a long walk to the store 😦

My lighting system is never adequate enough and no matter how hard I try to keep the lights clean they always become snow or grime covered 😦

My windshield is an ice magnet 😦 Try as hard as I might my wipers become useless in snowstorms 😦

When looking for pullouts I always seem to miss them 😦

There is always 2 or more good songs playing on the satellite radio at once 😦

My bladder always seems to hold when I don’t need it to and when I have to go I am far away from any amenities 😦

The boss always remembers the negatives and no one ever remembers that rush load or emergency delivery that I managed to pull off saving their asses 😦

My engine oil disappears from places I can never see or know even existed 😦

My Tractor air dissipates from places I can never hear or a mechanic can never find, but a D.O.T person would sure as shit find 😦

So I ask you my fellow readers. What are your curses? What gives you constant headaches? What gives you grief? What curses you?

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