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Travels of a Trucker Special Little Helpers

December 6, 2011

The Load

Occasionally when I ask for it, I get to work locally. Either because I have an upcoming event or because conditions are too terrible to work out of town in the winter or it is very busy and there is not enough manpower to work locally. Whichever the case, I often get to take my children with me on my trips around town. They love these trips as much as I love them coming along for the ride. Sometimes though they can be a real pain in the butt as I have to remind them that we are working in a hazardous environment and they cannot just simply hop out of the truck and walk around.

On this particular occasion I had the wonderful treat of taking my son along. Now my son is like any other little boy. Big machines including trucks fascinate him so much so that in fact he loves to go with me in the summer even on my long trips. The problem is he monopolizes the front seat so that his sister can never sit there and she is relegated to staring out the front from the sleeping quarters. (Actually in my opinion that is the best spot). Anyways, I think though it is because mom can get rid of them to me for a few days and have some “her” time.

I had a load coming out of Delta. Just a small company that was making items for Peter Kiewet’s construction who happen to be building the new Port Mann Bridge in Surrey. This new bridge is replacing our old 6 lane bridge with a new 12 lane bridge. Now I don’t know if you are aware, but Vancouver is about 20 years behind the times when it comes to building bridges. We can build lots and lots of apartments and high rises for our growing dense population, but infrastructures are severely lacking. So to be a part of the Port Mann building by delivering materials is something of a treat. I am in awe every time I deliver there at the immense size of the project. To me this is the Empire State building of my world.

A 300 Tonne Crane at Peter Kiewet aka Kiewet/Flatiron.

the crane’s massive hook trolley is 8.5 tonnes (18,000 lbs)

The crane was so big I needed 3 pictures just to cover it all!

Part of the massive columns supporting the new bridge structure

My Ground Zero at a construction site

another look at the new bridge. This is only 1/3 rd or 1/4 of the total Bridge deck

This was my small delivery to the job site.

My Special Helper!

My second helper is a little more useless as a helper since she is into fashion, but a great conversationalist! 🙂 She’s my little girl!

Well as always, thanks for reading travels of a Trucker. I hope you enjoy my stories and I look forward to your support at following me by email and with Google Connect.Please spread the word and share the love of my blog and my travels. I look forward to hearing from anyone.

If you are a sponsor and wish me to try, test and promote your products, feel free to send me any test samples or products to:

Roger Simmons

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I can’t promise that I will endorse your product if I don’t like it, but I will consult with you beforehand to ensure you wish me to go ahead and endorse it or state my reasons why I would not. I am most eager to try, test (and keep) products that are designed for truckers.



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  1. Terri Baker permalink

    It’s great that you can spend time with the kids. It also teaches them how hard you work and how important your job is.

    • Yes, enjoy spending time with them Terri. they always fight over the front seat. Most times my son just wants to come along and then he sleeps!

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