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Travels of a Trucker The Social Media Spotlight

December 10, 2011

Being a trucker I find sometimes is being a unique individual. Although we all go through the stages of life we also experience them in different ways. Some drivers relish in the fact that they drive, they go home, they watch tv on the couch and spend some time with their families. Some drivers are single and go out to the bar for a few drinks on their days off. Still other drivers enjoy other hobbies like hunting and fishing. It doesn’t really matter what you do as long as you enjoy doing what you do.

I myself although I am a truck driver and something of an all around Social Media freak. I love writing my little blogs and I love being a part of sites such as the following; Facebook, Smartcanucks, Coolcanucks, Zwap, JoeShopping and PointsandPrizes. The reason why I love these sites? I am a sideline Coupon, Freebie and Contesting addict. Every bit of my spare time after driving and after spending quality family time with my children (I just attended my childrens’ Christmas Play tonight and then we hit up DQ) is spent with my best friend Compaq Computer.

Now I don’t profess to make a killing out of it nor would I ever quit my job for it, but it does pay my time that I spend on here socializing and writing these blogs out. For example just the other day I received a $50 Best Buy Gift Card for a contest I entered that required referrals. After so many referrals you got a $25 Online gift card and after another so many referrals a $50 Gift Card. both of which I received. Today I picked up a lovely treat from for  a random win because I made a comment on a blog. My sources to find these contests are the ones listed above (which are geared for Canadians) are in abundance worldwide. The US has many what they call sweepers. They are self professed addicts who enter every contest they see or hear or read about. is another great site. It requires entering a few words that are published daily for points which you save up and redeem for freebies. I have seen everything from books to Nintendo Wii’s up for grabs. Obviously you have to be fast as there are many people who save up the points also aiming for the bigger prizes.

Anyways, the point is that being a trucker sometimes gives us a little time to ourselves. Perhaps we are stranded due to an avalanche hazard waiting for the road to open at some small town. Perhaps we are a day early for a delivery or have to wait for our pickup. Perhaps we are on our days off resetting our log book cycles. Whichever the case make the most of your time and make it productive. If I was going to sit anywhere, I would be on the first WiFi spot I could find using Mr Compaq entering all types of contests or searching for new ones to enter and I would also be entering my daily words in my PointsandPrizes account. All of it is free and won’t cost me a cent. Not only that I may win and winning is the best part. Waking up and checking my email to see a “congratulations” is a good feeling!

But contests aren’t always what I am looking for also. Anything free attracts me too. Like for example I have 2 free Sunlight Detergent coupons coming in the mail. I have just received a coupon for free cereal. I also pick up discarded coke bottles or the caps and use them for my icoke points which the US also has a version of. They always have great giveaways for low points. For example there was a special yesterday for 30 coke rewards you could get a case of pop!

Coupons also attract me. Now being a male and a truck driver I may not fit the status quo of a couponer who would probably be seen as someone who is a woman and a wife and mother. But regardless, getting products for free using coupons also has it’s benefits. I haven’t paid for shampoo, toothpaste, razors, deodorants, or laundry soap in almost 2 years now and I don’t plan on paying for them for years to come.

Pictured below are a just a few highlights of some of my wins just from 2011

Anyways, you get the point. Contesting pays off for a little spare time effort. It doesn’t take much energy to enter these contests with an email or an email name and address. You never know you may get lucky and wake up to a nice email yourself. Whatever you choose to do and how you spend your time just remember there is always something for everyone to do regardless of where they may be stuck or laid up for a few days even if it is in a truck.

By the way, I did want to give a special shout out and thanks to Driver Solutions for a wonderful contest they held. I had a number of friends who nominated me for being an appreciated truck driver. It was a surprise to win a $250 Gift Card and a great feeling also. But what makes it even more special is that they used a version of my line in their 12 days of Christmas trucking version! It was five…fuel cards! The Youtube video is below. Check it out you’ll have a laugh.

As always friends and fellow drivers. Be safe, have fun and keep them wheels sunny side up. if you like my blogs please follow along by email or using Google connect and be sure to look for me on my Facebook page to give me a shout out and say Hello!

Also stay tuned for my own youtube videos on different trucking things related and perhaps a contest or two at a later date. Spread the word and the love!.


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