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Travels of a Trucker Finding Humor in Your Job

December 11, 2011

Driving or doing related trucking duties like any other job can sometimes be tedious and boring. It can be aggravating and it can bring out the best cuss words in me or some of my fellow drivers. It can give me a headache and it can also give me heart racing moments that would put the best NASCAR racer to shame. But there are moments when we can all have a good laugh. There is always things being said on the VHF radio which are humorous. Things that we see on our travels that make us laugh. No matter what we do for jobs we need to always be on the lookout for that something which makes us laugh and if but for an instant makes us forget about the boring and tedious aspects of our job.

This summer I was working out of Alberta hauling Lime up to Grassland, AB. It was a longer than usual trip which was approximately 7 hours drive from Exshaw, AB up to Grassland which is North of Edmonton, AB. Now being a curious trucker, I am always on the hunt for those rural shortcuts which there are plenty of through Alberta since it is so flat and all roads seem to lead somewhere there. In fact, if you find yourself lost in Alberta, just head in any direction and you will be taken back to one of the major arterial highways. If you lose your way going North, just head in any direction going North East or North West and you will be taken to either Highway 2 or Highway 16. If you lose your way going South, then just head South East or South West and eventually you will run into highway 2 or Highway 1 or if you are at the most Westerly position you will run into Rocky Mountain House and be able to go no further West. This is what I love about the prairies. If you forget the time, just look up into the sky. If the sun is still in an Easterly direction it is morning. If the sun is directly above you or just South of your position but close to your center point it is noon. If the sun is Westward it is afternoon. How nice to not have to own a watch in the prairies. No need to worry about driving off a mountainside or a cliff. Run off the road and you could almost drive right through the Center Median and back to the other side of the highway. Of course, I am sure the snow in the center median would have a little something to do with slowing you down, but you get the point.

So there I was in Central Alberta taking all sorts of secondary roads rural routes headed to Grassland. I was of course trying to stay parallel with Highway 2 and working my way away from highway 22. Highway 22 of course goes in a North Westerly direction and if I stayed on it, I would be about 2 hours West of Edmonton which is not where I wanted to be. I needed to be directly North of Edmonton, but I was bound and determined I would find a nice shortcut. So driving along, I watched a camper pulling a trailer pull out. Now this was just a regular camper. Nothing special which is why I didn’t take notice of it, but what did catch my eye is the Cargo it was hauling. The cargo of course was barely being held in the trailer and as a matter of fact, it was almost taller than the camper itself. I had to look a few times before I actually realized what I was looking at. It appeared he had some giant animals. Of course they were not real, but when I saw the load of course my mind was trying hard to come up with little one liners and I was having a good chuckle to myself. You’ll see why in the pictures below.

As you can see these animals were all over the place. Chickens, pigs, bears, Giraffes, Elk and other various critters. Of course  what caught my eye was the Chicken and suddenly I was a “why did the Chicken cross the road” expert. Trying to come up with one liners and put them up for all my Facebook friends to see. It was definitely something which made the highlight of my day and took my mind off the drive ahead of me. So fellow drivers and friends, the next time your on the road make a point of trying to see a sign or something else that makes you drive with a smile on your face. Have you ever had something along your drives that put a smile to your face? If so please share them with me and your fellow readers!

As always, keep em sunny side up, drive safe and give me a holler if you see me on the road. As always, you can follow my blogs by email, sign up with Google connect or follow me on my Facebook page for the newest and latest posts of Travels of a Trucker. Thanks for reading.


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