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Travels of a Trucker Stand up for yourself!

December 12, 2011

Trucking has no shortage of one thing. Guys who think they know everything and guys who think they can bully others into thinking what they want you to think. In other words, guys who try to push their weight around because they feel they may have a little more leverage than someone else or they have been around longer than someone else.

Just recently, as a matter of fact, yes, it was today! I had another driver try to pull the bully attitude on me. He was an older guy, been around the block probably a lot longer than I have by the looks of him, and he tried to convey that my crap don’t stink attitude on me.

To back it up a bit, on Friday I had noticed that I was not written down for any work come Monday morning. I could see the list of guys coming in quite plainly laying on the dispatchers desk and simply put I wasn’t on it. Perhaps it was my refusal to do a “supposed Hot Calgary” load on a Friday afternoon. Now by no means am I scared to drive to Calgary or do any driving. Simply put, I was on days off for the rest of Tuesday and Wednesday. I was expecting to be called Thursday and there was nothing. Friday rolls around and I get a call late morning to come to work so I was expecting the weekend off and had plans. So off I go dashing to work and there is a difference in my company. When I am told I am going out of town, I know and I pack for it. This time I was just told to come in so I knew I was working locally. So I arrive at work and my first load is to go to Industrial Equipment Manufacturers and pick up a load. (The chipper from my previous post). The boss told me I might have to drop my trailer there since I was the closest and he had a move at noon that couldn’t be late for. The only problem was it was already almost 11am and I was at this customer and they had to get their load to Richmond from Surrey by 2:30pm. Now the problem here is that my company seems to take on jobs which they shouldn’t be taking on. #1 is a shortage of manpower. #2 is a shortage of manpower and #3 a shortage of manpower. Three very good reasons 🙂

11:30am rolls around and my load is on the crane working it’s way to my deck when the boss calls. By this time my truck is in the bay getting loaded and I tell him without hesitation, sorry can’t leave the trailer here now they are loading it. So I hear no more about it. A few minutes later I get a call…I got a hot load to Calgary can you be there for the morning. I tell him “No!”. I am going home and spending the weekend with my kids.

So that evening I get back to the yard and lo and behold I see my truck is not on the list for work Monday. Sunday evening rolls around and I get the text to be at the yard for 7:30am Monday. So off I go Monday morning to work. I have now been with this employer for almost 7 months and I see a guy I have never seen before. He gets in one of the day cabs and off he goes to work. I follow behind him thinking he is new. So we arrive at the trailer yard and off he goes to get a trailer. So I ask the boss in an inquisitive voice, but yet sarcastic, oh I see you found some work for me to do! I see you got a new guy and he already knows what he is doing how come you got a new guy working before me? Well the boss puts me straight and says “new guy? He’s been with me 7 years”, so I said, “oh, he’s on call”, and the boss is like “yup, I’ve known him all my life”, so at that point the conversation regarding this is over. But another driver having nothing to do with this hearing me interjects and starts in on my conversation telling me…”don’t be playing this game, don’t be playing this game there are things which you don’t know” and so on. And then he goes out the door.

Well I was a little insulted that he would speak this way to me in front of someone else and that he would butt in when I am talking to my boss. So I drive up to his truck, get out, walk over to his truck. He is busy writing on his logbook. I rap on his window and he rolls it down and I simply tell him I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t stick your nose in my business. If my boss doesn’t like it he can set me straight. So what does this guy do? He rolls his window up and ignores me. Well, I am not the type of guy to sit there and swear at him or say anything further unless he wants to make a deal of it. I have said my piece and he heard me.

The point of the matter is that I stuck up for myself and I wouldn’t take shit off anyone let alone another driver. It just wouldn’t be right and I hate to stew over things for the whole day so I tend to say my piece when there is no management listening to avoid any black marks on the file of employment. Now this isn’t the first time I have had other drivers try this and each time, while I may be jovial and friendly and may look a little bit nerdy with my glasses, I can give as good as I receive. Then they become aware that I am no slouch. Besides, is there any difference from a guy who has driven 10 years like me or a guy who’s driven 15? Not much. The bullshit is all the same no matter where you go and the grass always look greener until you get there and it is full of shit. Anyways, as I reiterate to all my readers, don’t take bullshit from anyone and stand up for yourself. If you have a co-worker who puts you down, stand up to them. If you have someone who criticizes you that is not constructive then say something to them. Being silent and turning the other cheek works wonders in a dream world, being walked upon and criticized unfairly happens in the real world and I take none of it. Besides I get enough of it from that which wears the panties in the house so I don’t need any of it outside!

So as always dear readers, drive safe, keep em sunny side up and don’t get mad, say your piece! If you like my blogs, feel free to follow along by email or through Google Connect. Also if you like you can join me on my Facebook page for my latest blog posts here:

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