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Travels of a Trucker When Turns Go Wrong

December 19, 2011

I was surfing Facebook today doing what I normally do best on my days off. Checking out my newsfeed and entering any juicy contests I could find. In the last few weeks I have won a Gift Basket from and a nice gift bag which will do good for a present to a woman 🙂 However, today I came across a fellow blogger’s tragedy which just happened recently and it did involve a truck.

Now everyday that I go to work, I try to be diligent, I try to take corners as wide as I can. I watch for opposing traffic and I typically go super slow if I know I cannot make a turn with enough clearance. Why do I go slow? In case there are objects which I may not clear, or people may be around, or a car might try to sneak in between me and the curb. Whatever reason there is always time to be aware of our surroundings and take our time. I can’t count how many times when I have taken a turn or tried to fit somewhere tight that I had to go super slow or even had to readjust my driving to actually clear the obstacle that my trailer may have hit had I been going way too fast.

So I read this blog post from a fellow blogger and the story she tells is remarkable. It is filled with horror and it is filled with the graciousness that someone up there loves them. This story involves a baby and a mother who survived and not only survived, they survived being ran over by a semi truck. Typically as a driver when I hear stories about people being hit by trucks, the outcome is not always the best that we want to hear, but in this case, against all odds, the baby did survive and she blogs about her journey from that incident.

So why do I write this fellow drivers? I write this to remind myself and others who also drive for a living and not only as a truck driver but for everyone who drives any vehicle to take the time and the effort to be safe and diligent in what we do. We live in a fast paced society and it is one where we often forget how much damage we can do with a vehicle regardless of the size when we travel at speeds which are unsafe, but also when we drive recklessly or carelessly. Now I cannot comment on the actual circumstances of the driver in this story, what he was thinking or even how this happened, but what I can tell you is that it only takes a minute to go slow when we are blindsiding on turns and consistently watch all mirrors to ensure something like this does not occur. I’ll leave it here for today as I leave you with a link to her site. Have a read and check it out.

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  1. Tracy permalink

    Excellent article Roger.

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