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Travels of a Trucker Wasting my Time Away

December 20, 2011

As a driver my primary job is to drive from point A to point B in the fastest, but safest time I can. Now this does not mean I throw the truck into Mexican Overdrive on every hill, but I come pretty damn close. But even then I can only go so fast and the hours are long. If your like me and love driving, you could drive for 600-700 kilometers before you need a break to stretch your legs or grab a coffee for a second wind. As a long distance driver I pride myself on the fact that I can drive extreme distances each and every day if I want to or feel the need to. I really love doing those kilometers one way meaning I absolutely hate doing switches (an example is Sicamous switches where you drive there, switch a trailer and drive right back). These are the types of runs which make me sleepy. But what gets me going? What is my drug of choice? What keeps me alert and bound and determined to complete my job? The answer my friends is sheer determination and effort and a little music to feed the mood.

You see music is my drug and driving are my drugs. They both perk me up. It makes me come alive. It makes me feel as though I am not alone when I am sitting there singing a good tune or the music is pumping up the volume in the truck. And listening to the roar of the engine as I drive down the road. (Occasionally I can be seen when I am stopped watching other trucks by as the sound of them going by is still a rush for me even in my age) Now I don’t always need music. When I get caught in snowstorms for example I absolutely hate any noise other than listening to the sound of the truck. My heart races fast enough it doesn’t need any stimulation of any sorts. If I stimulated it any more it would damn near jump out of my chest.

Some of my favorite songs are of course played quite consistently on Sirius radio where I don’t even have to change the channel they play so many favorites of mine. I listen to a lot of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and hip hop music on the Satellite radio and this keeps me going. Now of course everyone has different tastes in music but I love the older music. It’s simple, you can understand all the words and there isn’t a bunch of synthesizers to take away from the quality of the music. Actually reflecting on my music choices I love all types and genres of music. I will share a few of my traveling music interests with you. By no means is this a complete list, but you’ll get the idea. And by no means am I asking you to judge my music choices, just as you have your own, I have mine.

Anyways, I won’t bore you with my short selection of music choices. Some of these songs are my all time favorites and I could listen to them over and over again while driving.

As I said earlier, driving the truck is a rush for me no matter truck I drive or where I drive. I absolutely love driving and driving in a winter storm for me is a heart pounding affair although I may go slower or I may not like the current weather it is still a rush. The best though is when you have a beautiful summer evening with nothing to worry about. No snow, no black ice, no rain. Just a clear night with you and the road ahead of you and the lights of the truck lit up at night. Nothing is more gratifying to me than this. (This is a family friendly trucking page so I am avoiding talking about having any lot lzards in a truck).

So dear readers share with me your favorite songs and what you like listening too. I would love to hear what you all like for music and perhaps leave me a link so I can have a listen and see if I agree with you. If I like your song you share you may be the winner of a goodie of your choice from the pic.

The list in this picture is the following:

Expo 86 Pin

Sarajevo 84 Pin

Los Angeles Olympics Pin

Vancouver 2010 Downhill Skiing Pin

Vancouver 2010 SkiBoarding Pin

Mini Puck 2006-07 Season Mattias Ohlund

Mini Puck 2006-2007 Season Josh Green

Mini Puck 2006-2007 Season Sami Salo

Mini Puck 2006-07 Season Brendan Morrison

Mini Puck 2006-07 Season Yannick Tremblay

Mini Puck 2006-07 season Tyler Bouck

Mini Puck 2006-07 Season Matt Cooke

Again dear readers thanks for following Travels of a Trucker. If you like my stories, please follow along with Google Connect, sign up with email or follow me on my Facebook Page here : or follow me on Twitter:!/truckerofbc Until next post, keep em sunny side up and drive safe.

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  1. Tracy permalink

    My favorite music is whatever is on the pop charts. I still like my 70’s disco, my 80’s rock and well, the 90’s not much. Favorite song lately is Moves like Jagger. Great beat, makes you want to move and it’s hilarious to hear how a 7 year old interprets the words.

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