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Travels of a Trucker Giving Thanks

December 29, 2011

This post is one that could fall into any time of the year, most definitely it could fall into Thanksgiving, but this year I am going to start my thank you list out at the end of the year for all those companies and persons who have helped me survive another year. But before I get to that, let me remind everyone why I am doing this list.

Firstly, this list could be anyone’s and not just mine. Mine just happens to be read and therefore I am giving thanks publicly to those corporations and companies and persons who have made my year in so many ways an enjoyable one.

Secondly, throughout the year as a truck driver we meet so many people and go so many places that sometimes we need to remember people even if it is but a small thank you as we remember what others have done for us we are apt to return the favor someday not only to them, or in the case we cannot return it to that person we can pass the good Karma on and if good Karma is passed on it doesn’t take long before it comes back to us in other forms.

So without further ado let me start this off by saying:

Thanks to my wonderful Facebook friends who are always there to correct me, pester me and bother me when I am trying to write this blog and they pop up in my chat. I love you all in some small way or another. You all complete me!

Thanks to my wonderful readers out there who put up with my incessant blogging,  and my non stop chatter on Facebook to promote my blog.

Of course I must give thanks to Facebook for bringing you all together as my friends if not personally then at least through my Blog.

I need to give thanks to Driver Solutions for choosing me as one of the most appreciated driver’s for 2011 and I believe I had 11 nominations for the award from some of you here on my Blog.

I need to give thanks to Olymel who chose me as the $2000 winner for the Grocery Gift Cards late last year, but received the cards early in the year. That was a huge help towards my families food bills!

I give thanks to a special lady in the U.S. who I would be calling my mother now had things been different years ago. She receives my contest wins in the US and holds them for me until I have enough to be picked up and make the trip worthwhile.

I give thanks to my Daughter Chanen in Calgary and my 2 children here Roger Jr. and Jenna for bringing a smile to my face when I am depressed or sad and spending time with them is absolutely the best in the world when I can.

I give thanks to the driver who traveled ahead of me on a road I did not know warning me of any impending curves or slow downs in the road on a cold low visibility snowing night in Northern BC.

I give thanks to the driver who assisted me with a ride earlier this year to a place that had a payphone when I was broken down in the Canyon.

I give thanks to another driver who went ahead of me and found me a pullout on Highway 3 when I had a double tire blowout a couple of months ago. I was 20 kilometers out of Princeton but close to Coral’s Cabins.

I give thanks to the Husband and wife who live near Coral’s Cabins who gave me a ride back to Kal Tire in Princeton and back to my truck so I could phone my company and have them send the correct rim and tire sets out for Kaltire to change them out.

I give thanks for a fellow company driver helping me to unclog a load of lime from my hoses when it became stuck

I give thanks to a receiver in Edmonton who was understanding when a load of lime became stuck in the pipe and he helped me clear it blowing lime all over the place and didn’t say anything on my bill of lading or make a deal out of a little lime dust in the air when I turned the blower on to clear the line without the hose attached and it came out really fast…lol

I give thanks to companies on Facebook for all my great contest wins this year. Some of them include:, Super Jeweller,, Sunlight Laundry, Jovani Fashions, Dempsters, Vectors, Corbis, Mark’s Work Warehouse, Carlsberg, Clean Screen, Global Lifestream, Breakfast Television, Scott’s Liquid Gold, Willowbrook Chrysler, Mac’s Convenience Stores, Amoro Jewellers, Powermat, Virgin Mobile Canada, 411 Pain, Ben’s Outlet, Carlsberg, Too Style for Dem, Hillary Lee, Intel Canada, BeADeal, Granville Island Brewery,, Apothica, Uniball Canada. 

There may be of course one or two other sponsors I may have missed from this list, but each and every prize I win is used by someone in this family.

I wish to thank those fellow drivers on the road who make chatting on the VHF on every trip one that helps knowing that someone else is always out there and never far away.

I wish to thank all those drivers out there who take the time to turn off High Beam lamps or Fog lamps when they see me coming.

I wish to thank those friends who share the contests I enter all the time so that I too can enter them! 🙂 I stalk you all for your contests!

I wish to thank those companies like Freightliner, Mack Trucks, Western Star, Peterbilt and Kenworth and a variety of other companies for allowing me to post my blogs on their Facebook sites to selfishly promote my own.

I give thanks to Hotels like Ramada Inn near Abbotsford and the Hotel in Chetwynd who allowed me to utilize their WiFi even though I was not staying there. I simply called them and told them I was a passing trucker and had locked into their WiFi and was looking to utilize it for a little while. Honesty is the best policy!

I give thanks to some special Facebook Friends whom I can always rely on for some great chat and numerous laughs. Kim C, Kim K, Serena D, Tracy S, Crystal D and Mark V.

I give thanks to those friends who know me well enough and understand that I go through my friend deletion periods when I am depressed or angry (which seems to be quite often) and they don’t take it personally and re-friend me later on.

I give thanks to my favorite sites like Smartcanucks,, Coolcanucks and for all my freebies and contests

I give thanks again to all my readers on Facebook, Twitter and by Email along with the various sites they also find me from like Smartcanucks.

I hope that pretty much covers it all for this year and by no means is this a complete list. If I made a complete list, we could be here for days. So to all my fellow readers, I say thanks for reading Travels of a Trucker and if you like my Blog Posts, be sure to sign up by email or check me out at Twitter:!/truckerofbc or you also find me on Facebook and follow along there:

If you are a sponsor looking to have a product promoted or need one tested with an honest opinio, feel free to shoot me an email here:

Drive safe, keep em sunny side up



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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year – may 2012 bring you lots of laughs and wins and some safe roads.

  2. Deb C permalink

    Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year Roger! It was nice to meet you on facebook this year, you contest stalker, you! LOL. Safe travels in the New Year, Roger.

  3. Lyndsey permalink

    I want to thank you Roger, for all your help on a very hard to win contest, but you kept my hopes up and cheered me the whole way through. Actually, you did this for 2 contests 🙂
    Drive safe in 2012 and may you have lots of followers on this blog, and many great wins. KARMA!!!

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