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Travels of a Trucker Utilizing Reward Programs on your travels

December 31, 2011

Here is a Great New Year Tip! I don’t know about you, but as a trucker and when times are tight and when I hear the word free I am excited. I am excited because not only do I get it free, there is also the chance that I can get more free things later on. Not only this, but everywhere I go I try to build up to get things for free from all the rewards programs out there. My philosophy is if I am going to spend money anyways, I may as well try to get the rewards points so I can get more things free later on. Now this article of course is written from Canada and you’ll find a lot of the deals are Canadian based, but this doesn’t exclude my foreign readers from the U.S. or other countries. I am sure you all know the various reward programs out there in your own countries.

So let’s get started and take a look at what we can get for free as a trucker or free for anyone.

If you have some time on your hands, join this site for free:

You enter daily words that you are preposted thanks to hundreds of other generous readers and points followers. Simply register for free and you can find the points posted in various links such as this one . Once you’ve accumulated enough points simply redeem for free items. How easy is that.


If your already using the internet to do searches and find things or browse trucking sites, then collect points at a few places. Simply register for free and sit back and do searches for free points. Places like Swagbucks you can join by going here and creating a free account and using it to search will gain you points which you can redeem for Paypal cash or e Gift cards or other goodies.
You can also join a site called Superpoints in which you can click a free lucky spin ball 30x a day to accumulate points. No buying anything. Simply click and earn free points daily.
Other great sites to collect points is the following which over the course of a year during your travels like mine can add up very quickly. Imagine every time you go buy a pop or a snack you earn points. (Point programs may vary in other countries)
Shoppers Optimum
Save On More
Zeller’s, HBC and Home Outfitters Rewards
Flying J which is now Pilot Travel Centers
Whichever the rewards programs you use, be sure to take full advantage of them. Today I took a look at my rewards and this is my New Year’s Resolution. To double them by only spending what I would have normally spent in any given year by utilizing those sponsors more. For example, instead of buying Tim Horton;s coffee at a Tim Horton’s, I will buy my coffee at the Esso where Tim Horton’s is sold to gain points on my Esso Extra Card.
My Points totals for all my Programs. Posting this to see if I can beat these or double these for 2012. (Superpoints I just started 1 week ago)
Superpoints 142 Current Value is 1/10th of a $5 Paypal Cash
Swagbucks 5286 Current Value is almost $50 in Gift Cards
Esso Extra oops I accidentally locked myself out of online account. Forgot my password) Have to call Tuesday.
PetroPoints 54,717 Current Value is $25 Gift card
Airmiles 510 Current Value almost $60 in Shell Fuel Cards
Aeroplan Miles 20,526 Current Value $150 in Esso Gift Cards (at 26,500 I will have enough for a $200 Holt Renfrew Gift Card)
Shoppers Optimum 3,050 Current Value 35% to $10 off
Save on More Rewards 3532 Current Value 55% to $10 Starbucks Gift Card
I will not be using my points just saving them and I want to double them this year
So as I look at my points values, I am almost at $310 in Gift Cards from 2011 alone. If I spend more of my cash at those dedicated sponsors instead of companies who give me nothing I will easily surpass $1000 in Gift Cards by the end of 2012. So it is definitely worth it. So I urge you dear readers to take advantage of your reward cards.
Thanks for following Travels of a Trucker where not only can you find a great blog on my Travels, but also helpful hints and tips too 🙂
As always, stay safe and drive safe and keep em sunny side up. If you are not doing so yet, I urge you to follow my blog by email or simply follow me on twitter for my newest posts or on Facebook at the following links:
If you are a sponsor and you need a product tested or wish to send me a sample of your product for testing please email me at
Wishing you all a prosperous and Happy New Years as you ring in the New Year tonight from wherever you are. Please remember don;t drink and drive. A special thanks that I have surpassed 1000 reads on this Blog as of yesterday. My goal for 2012 will be for 100,000 readers to have read my blog and for another 1000 followers. Thanks again to all of you! 🙂
Thanks for reading

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  1. Lyndsey permalink

    Great goal to double your points. I’m positive you will achieve this, at least for some of them. Goodluck!!

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