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Travels of a Trucker Into The New Year

January 2, 2012

Well here we are my friends. The first post of many in what is now 2012. Can you believe it? I will be 40 years old next month! I can’t believe it myself and actually I am rather shocked to have made it with life and limb thus far. But barring that, it is a new year and not only a New Year, it is a leap year also. So instead of 365 days to moan about we now have 366 days this year. be thankful you were not born on February 29th. Would be rather hard to explain how your only 10 years old when your actually 40…a little sidehumor there. Actually I was born on February 22nd so I got lucky and escaped this dilemma.

Anyways, I was thinking about this post since I was pretty lazy and didn’t write anything on the New Year’s and it occurred to me how I would ring in the New Year post. Since you follow me along on my Travels already you might as well follow me along on my job search too. Now when it came to the holidays, I seriously didn’t put too much effort into locating work. Partly because I wanted to spend my time with my kids and the other because I never actually get any holidays when I do work because every employer I seem to work for never puts a vacation pay away for me. They always bundle and tie it into my cheque and I’ll be damned if I could save enough to take a few weeks off each year.

So how far have I gotten with my job search for the new year? Well let’s just say that there are jobs out there which would have me away from home continuously and that is the problem. I am trying to find a job which allows me to be home consistently so that #1 I can see my children at least once a day and #2 so I have a wage instead of making a % of the load. As you saw a few posts ago, my percentage for 2 weeks was rather low and although it was just the way the work schedule worked out, it is unacceptable to be only earning $800 in a pay period. For that wage I may have just as well worked in McDonald’s or stayed on a street corner with a little hat by my side asking for spare change. I swear those that do that made far more than I did in the same time period.

So now I have relegated myself to finding that one job which will keep me home consistently and daily. Even if it is a Kamloops switch or working the ports for awhile (which I hate) or doing whatever, just to be making that hourly wage and have some benefits which I have found also to be severely lacking.

So who have I applied for? Well I did apply to Butterworth’s Transport since I hear they are hiring for a local guy. I have heard stories about them, but in recent years, it hasn’t been too bad to negate looking at them. I also spoke with RPM Motor Freight and sent in a resume and 2 driving abstracts (as a commercial driver we have 2 abstracts. One is a P Print which is the same one any driver has if they went to any motor vehicle branch and asked for it) and the other is an N print which shows Commercial Driving infractions or violations. So I had spoken with the hiring guy this am and they are looking for a local guy to deliver plus do a couple of Kamloops rounders (switches) during the week. No big deal I say to myself. If the hours are decent and the money is decent count me in.

There were a few unnamed carriers who I also applied to, but they have not responded back yet and I have no problem if they don’t. I am not in a tremendous hurry to take the first job that comes, but rather I would like to hold out for something that gets me home daily if even for a few hours.

So there you have it. I have not done much yet namely because it has been the holidays, but tomorrow I shall be thankful all the companies will be back to work and the job postings will be more numerous. So wish me luck my friends in my endeavor to  find that perfect and elusive job and I will still continue my writings and doing my contesting.

As always, thanks for being a faithful bunch of readers and please continue to read my posts. If you like them, please feel free to sign up by email and you can also find me on twitter here:!/truckerofbc or you can follow me on my Facebook Page here:

Stay tuned this year for some exciting new contests as my followers increase hopefully shall the prizes. Thanks for reading, drive safe and keep em sunny side up.

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  1. Terri B permalink

    Never fear, your job is coming

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