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Travels of a Trucker New Year, New Job

January 4, 2012

Well there you have it everyone. I posted two days ago about my job searching efforts and as lady luck would have it, I am now employed again after sending out 3 resumes. t could have been worse, but I held out for something I wanted and that was local work and by Jove, I found local work. They want me to run a Kelowna trip once in a while and the occasional Calgary trip if needed in a highway truck, but for the most part, I have a day cab and it is parked where i want to park it. (and of course they would not be sending me out of hours in a daycab 🙂 ) so I know I have local work. It is a smaller, but growing outfit. Hiring lots of owner ops and a few company drivers. I am one of the 2 local drivers so I get to do all the pickups and deliveries for the highway guys who will come and go with the loads I have preloaded for them. Sounds like fun and I can’t wait to get started.

My first shift was a short one today. I simply went to Volvo, picked up a 2011 Volvo from Volvo and dropped it at another company in Port Kells. Then I went to Volvo Langley and picked up this day cab which is also a Volvo and headed off to meet the man who phoned me this AM and said “the job is yours”! Well that was sweet words to my ear.

With the start of this New Year, I have a new job and I think it is one that I will be satisfied with. Only time will tell, but I have a feeling they will be okay. So stay tuned for tomorrow when I post pics of the truck I will be driving. Nothing spectacular. It’s a day cab! But it looks like an ex-Bison Transport truck, so if anyone knows Bison Transport, you will have an idea of what color it is and what it looks like. I will also be pulling loads for Bison and picking up from Seaspan and generally doing what a local guy does. Enjoying the fresh Vancouver  Rain and Mountains….what Mountains??? lol I only wish Kelowna wasn’t going over not one, but TWO mountain passes.

In the meantime, I will continue to dream about my new job, earning a half decent wage and they did tell me I will get 45-50 hours in a week which is manageable with an hourly wage that is half decent. No more 30% revenue for this old timer. Now we’re talking wages!

So what will be in store for my Travels of a Trucker. Well you know, every day is a different day. Shit happens on the road, New trailers are hauled, different places, different times, so as always, I will be here for you and I hope you are all here for me to enjoy them!

So without further hesitation, I must be off to bed for a fresh start tomorrow. Fuel, pick up load and deliver in that order. So as always, drive safe and keep em Sunny side up and if you just happen to work for RPM Motor Freight, you may just happen to meet me one day :).

If you enjoy my short little posts, by all means, feel free to join me in my travels by following along with email. You can also follow me with Twitter here:!/truckerofbc  or join me on my Facebook page here:

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Stay Safe



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  1. Lyndsey permalink

    Congrats Roger that’s is such great news, I’m very happy for you!!! A fantastic start to 2012, I hope it continues for a very long time. Well done, you deserve a pat on the back.

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