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Travels of a Trucker New Job Day 1

January 5, 2012

So I bet your all wondering. How did this old trucker fare in his new job! Well to be honest it was a nice long day of 11.5 hours driving in city traffic and that is not as easy as it sounds. Dealing with 2 different rush hours (both morning and night). To be honest running the highway is a little easier on the mind frame than running in the city. Chiefly running the highway you really have no worry about constant traffic flow around you on a consistent basis. So +1 for Highway driving. I also miss my friends on the highway and chatting on the VHF +2 for highway…this isn’t going the way I planned it…well being home daily +1 City driving. +1 sleeping in my bed every night +1, eating decent food that is cheaply bought at home +1…you see, it is all in the mind!

Well this morning I started off from home at 5:30 am. I needed to beat that rush hour at two pinch points. First was the Queensborough Bridge. The second was River Road in Delta where I started my morning grabbing a trailer from Ocean rentals. My first stop that morning was Cascade recovery and let me tell you, I was in heaven! Now you all know I love coupons, and getting to know the workers here could be very…very…rewarding one day! You’ll see why. Cascades Recovery is a Newspaper and Mixed Paper buyer. They buy it and resell it to China and send it out in Containers. They bale it and off it goes to be recycled into those nice little cardboard boxes you buy for shoes and your electronics and those McDonald’s paper bags that say made from Post Consumer fibers. Then you have the fresh pad of paper for your printer which alot of is also made from recycled fibers. So now you begin to understand that this is the place where all those recycled Smartsources and Proctor & Gambles wind up to be sent to China!!

This is the early morning view of Cascades Recovery

The truck I now drive

The mixed paper (aka…millions of paper including coupons and Icoke boxes and Aeroplan Pins and everything juicy including maybe someone’s lost cash all bundled up for resale to China

The company logo

After Cascades, I had to drop this empty trailer off to HBC Logistics over in Richmond. The trailer is going to be loaded with Hudson;s Bay, Zellers or whatever for Regina, Sask.

Then I had to fly over to Seaspan which is a Freight hauling carrier between Vancouver Island and Delta and pick up an empty that came off the boat. I dropped that over to Kreuger Paper in New Westminster which you all should know by it’s published name of Scott Paper.

After this I went back to the Ocean Delta yard and picked up a trailer going back to Cascades. This time it wasn;t so easy. I had to deal with all the container haulers who were loading for China. 3 hours later, finally unloaded, I had to drop the empty over at Kreuger Paper at another plant on Annacis island this time. Then I had to haul over to Ocean trailer this time in Coquitlam and rush hour was just starting. I got there and had to pick up a brand new trailer complete with the new side Ferrings on it and drop that also to Kreuger on the Island. From there it was just a quick 5 minute ride back to my car which I parked on the Island where I park the truck. So all in all it was a busy day. Tomorrow I start at 7am from Ocean and travel to Maple Ridge for my first delivery. Should be fun in rush hour!

Well, there you have it. My first day at the new job complete and tiring. So thanks for reading dear readers and if you like my short stories, please be sure to sign up with email or you can follow me on Twitter here:!/truckerofbc you can also follow me on Facebook here:

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Thanks for reading Travels of a Trucker. Drive safe, be smart and arrive alive. Keep em Sunny side up.



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