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Travels of a Trucker Working in Canada

January 7, 2012

I had a blog post all thought out for today, then I had a friend request on Facebook this morning which changed my blog post. The friend request came from a fellow trucker in the UK who asked me about working in Canada as a trucker. So I decided I would tackle a huge subject which concerns not just him, but thousands of other truckers across the globe who all ask the same thing. How can you get to Canada to work as a truck driver. Well I will attempt to answer as many things as I can in a few short paragraphs.

Working in Canada often requires a number of steps. First you need an employer who is recruiting. Second you need to be currently driving to pass the prerequisites of knowing how to drive and thirdly you need to go through the immigration hoops and paperwork processing.  Let’s look at some of the steps in more detail.

Finding a company who is recruiting for driving in Canada

Many companies are actively engaged in hiring skilled overseas workers. As much as Canada likes to woo and offer other skilled workers the chance to come to Canada, so too are drivers highly sought after by larger companies. Companies that I know of include, but are not limited to:

Kindersley Transport based out of Saskatchewan


H & R Transport based out of Lethbridge, Ab. They are commonly referred to as “The Big Red”


Kelsey Trail Trucking based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


Yanke transport




Bison Transport


As there are many companies out there who are hiring, it is ideally in your best interests if you are a foreign driver reading this to contact them directly by email listing your experiences and history of driving including equipment and asking them if they are currently hiring overseas workers.

Sadly, a number of individuals are also ruining it for some. If you ever get the chance to come to Canada and drive through the links I have provided, please be fair to the employer and work until you at least get your permanent residency. Don’t jump ship. It makes employers hesitant to further bringing new workers over if people will just leave after the company has invested a lot of time, money and energy into hiring overseas workers. Here is one example of this:

So what do you do if a company is interested. Well there are a number of things. The company who is interested will more than likely get the ball rolling, but it is in your best interest to be well read and prepared on what to do or what to expect. A good start is by reading the policies and procedures by Canadian Immigration which you can find here:

Another question which this driver asked. Is my UK licence valid in Canada? The answer is NO. When you come to Canada, it is up to you and the company which hired you to ensure you are properly licensed in the Province you are accepted as a skilled worker in. For example, if you are hired by a Saskatchewan carrier whose primary office and whose foreign worker was accepted, is based there, your licence would be obtained in the Province of Saskatchewan. The carrier’s primary role would be to make sure you know how to drive and learn the Canadian way of doing pre trips and making sure you can drive a North American style truck and then they would ensure you could drive and then they would be responsible for booking your road test. Simply coming to Canada, jumping into the truck and driving off into the setting sun will not work. The Canadian public needs to know that you can do what you say you can and the Government needs to ensure they have you in their grips for tax purposes.

So although brief, I sure hope that this little post enlightens and helps some of those foreign drivers out there. The process is tedious, lengthy and it isn’t for everyone. There are a lot of sacrifices in coming to a new country, but depending on where you are coming from, the rewards are justifiable.

As always, thanks for reading Travels of a trucker and if you like my stories and tips, be sure to follow along with Email. Or simply follow me on Twitter:!/truckerofbc You can also follow me on my Facebook page here :

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Drive safe, keep em Sunny side up and thanks for reading



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