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Travels of a Trucker New Job Day 2

January 8, 2012

Okay so I am a couple of days behind with this posting, but I will get right into it. Day 2 was good. It wasn’t a drastically long day and if it wasn’t for my sons birthday celebration being celebrated today instead of his actual birthday which is the 29th, I would have been working on Saturday as well.

So I began my shift a little earlier than I was asked to and more than likely I will continue this trend. The problem is I have to morning rush hour pinch points to traverse in the morning depending on where I am going. That morning I had to get a trailer from the Ocean Delta yard and thus I not only had to get across Queensborough Bridge before the morning rush, I also had to get through morning traffic on River Road which can be hugely backed up with single lane traffic through a highly dense economic industrial zone. I left home at 5:30 that morning arrived and warmed up my truck parking my car on the street where I park the truck on Annacis Island. A little while later and off I was to Oceans’ yard in Delta. There I had to pick up a trailer destined for Maple Ridge. I had no set appointment. I traveled with relative ease going towards Maple Ridge as I was going against the flow of rush hour which is always a huge relief.

Arriving at my destination to Fraser Cedar in Maple Ridge, I found it was a little tight. I had to cross 2 sets of railroad tracks of which I have heard of truckers being hit by trains coming and going over these crossings. Partially because the trailers they were using are not as high from the ground and they got stuck on the tracks. The place I was delivering to was unusual in that not only were they a Cedar Shingle warehouse and sales, they also dealt and sold bundled plastic. The load I had on board was baled plastics from consumer recycling. Milk Jugs, Shampoo Bottles, Laundry Jugs. Plastics of every type and color imaginable were on board. The downfall to having plastic loads like this is that the remnants remaining in the bottle of the soap and shampoo find their way onto the floor of the trailer which leaves it wet and smelling like a laundry room. this may not seem like a problem, but the trailer of course would be picking up toilet paper and thus would not be accepted or usable at the next customer. So the trailer had to be dropped off at Ocean Trailer in Coquitlam and a new Trailer picked up. The new trailer was dropped off at Kreuger Paper products on Annacis Island. From there I had to pick up a trailer at Seaspan which again is a link for the company I work for to get trailers over to Vancouver Island without having to pay for a driver to bring it freeing up manpower.

Thus my day was complete. I had a 7.5 hour shift which was just great to me. I still needed to get over to the office to do Paperwork and drop a copy of my void cheque and fill out numerous company forms. So that is what I did. I had asked the dispatcher and he said he would try to get me in by Monday, but getting there on the Friday suited me just fine. Paperwork all done, I am ready for tomorrow. I don;t have to be at my truck tomorrow until 7:30 am which gives me a little more sleep in time than waking up at 5am. Now I can get up at 5:30 and leave the house at 6:15am and enjoy a coffee before I start my shift.

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Keep em Sunny side up and drive safe.



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