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Travels of a Trucker Days 3 and 4 Excitement in the Air!

January 10, 2012

As most of you who are now friends with me on Facebook know by now, I am not only an avid trucker, but I also am a Couponer and a Contester. To me a Coupon is as good as having cash in the pocket. Winning a contest is as addicting as drugs. The rush and the excitement of winning is like a drug. Anyways, without further ado, let me start by saying that I really have found a great job. I love being able to scope out coupons and the deliveries I do give me a few minutes to do just that. I was delivering to Cascades again and of course Cascades is going to send the recycled paper and newsprint and all those coupons that people throw away into the recycle bin or the trash bin. What a shameful waste that people do. These companies print these coupons for people like us to use and promote their products and some I guess just have too much money that they can just afford to throw away even freebies. If you haven’t seen what happens to all that newspaper and cardboard and Recyclables you put into the recycling bins, it gets baled and any number of facilities and then it is loaded into containers bound for China to be de-inked and made into a variety of post consumer products. I had the opportunity today to take a few pictures that others would not normally see. The first step in the process of course is that it has to get there. Usually by truck.

This truck is loaded with Bales of deposit recycles…like 2 liter plastic bottles. There is thousands of dollars in deposits there!

Although you can’t see it closely, those are 2 liter bottles baled. Probably about $2000 in one Bale of deposits returned to a facility.


These are Baled mixed papers which most definitely have those smartsource and P & G coupons and loads of other coupons hidden in this mixed treasure of paper.

The size of one Bale. It weighs about 1500lbs. Imagine all those coupons pressed together!

This is a Baling machine. The bottom end is a conveyor and it goes up and drops into a press which makes those Bales. Just above you can see a storage area of plastic bags which will all be compressed.

A freebie found!!! How can someone throw this away? They might as well have thrown cash out of their pocket! Of course it ain’t for me, but you get the idea.

So what else did I do on days 3 and 4? A lot of running around. I had to deliver numerous trailers to Kreuger paper in New Westminster and in Delta. I had to drop trailers off at Day & Ross in Surrey and I also had to take over for a highway guy to deliver his load to 2 different Superstores. One in Surrey and one in North Vancouver. I also had to pick up new trailers at Ocean Trailer in Coquitlam. It was a very fruitful 2 days then I got an email saying I won a Caravelle Watch Set. How sweet is that!!

So I remind you my dear friends. If you get coupons. Keep em and use them. You never know when they come in handy. If you get a chance to enter contests. Enter. It doesn’t cost anything and you never know.

Well dear readers, I am a little bagged. It was a 13 hour day today and I will be hotting the hay for some much deserved rest. So until tomorrow, drive safe and keep em sunny side up. If you like my short little posts, please follow along by email. You can also find me on Twitter here:!/truckerofbc or you can travel along with me on Facebook here:

If you are a sponsor looking to have a product promoted or tested by a trucker…(GPS, MAPS, ELECTRONICS, CB’s, PLUG IN EQUIPMENT, etc), by all means, drop me a line to I am specifically looking to try out photography equipment that is easy and quick to use since being a trucker affords no time to dilly dally trying to get the best shot.


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