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Travels of a Trucker Looking to a new future

January 14, 2012

When I began this blog, I didn’t think that I would find that many people who would follow a trucking blog or be excited enough to read my little posts daily. I have however, discovered that there is always far more to the world that I can see. It’s like the air that I breathe, it is always present, but one can never truly see it to appreciate it or the mechanics that make it just right for us to survive. Now I can see daily as my twitter followers go up, my email followers go up, people liking my Facebook page go up and so on.

While the growth isn’t tremendous, it is obviously slow growth and one that makes you the reader and my  readership more valuable. You see being an avid couponer and a contester myself, I know the tricks of the trade and some pages are just liked for all their contests and some pages are just liked for their freebies or coupons. I imagine if I had come out here and said the word Free or Contest, I would suddenly have 100’s of new Facebook likers and 100’s new Twitter followers. But once those dried up, the page would be forgotten about and merely a memory to some people. So as you know, one needs to build the trunk of the foundation more stable with a strong sense of readership that feels connected to the storyteller before one starts adding new fans through promotions. And this is exactly what I am doing my friends. Building my hardcore base of daily readers before I attract new people who may only like my page if I only run contests.

Over the course of the last day and a half since I put out the last blog, I gave it some thought and even while I was driving, I was still thinking about it. My blog of course is my stories to you about my life, about trucking, about trucking’s ups and downs, about good times, about bad times. It encompasses more than the heartbeat of North America which is the trucking industry, it also teaches. It teaches new drivers how not to tie down loads. It teaches them not to throw the entire load at the back of a trailer. It teaches them to do proper pre-trips. It also educates them among other things that four wheelers who read this page and the truck driver can co-exist on our roads and highways. You see, this blog is not only about the truck driver. It educates those who have never driven a truck. It educates those who have never even been in a truck. It educates those who think truck drivers have easy lives and shows them that trucking is an industry that is highly regulated, but at the same time is one where drivers are taken advantage of and expected to work long hours away from family working and driving double the normal workweek of a normal person.

So on that note my dear readers, over the next few months, I will be putting together a book through my blog writings and publishing the “Dummies Guide to Trucking”. Of course you my dear readers will be the first to know the content since you read my blogs daily, but it will be a factual A to Z basics of trucking along with some stories put right in there from my blog. Of course it will all be rewritten for publishing, but at least it will get the start. As long as I put the fingers to the Keyboard, I know I can do this.

So what will be included in this book I will be writing? Well it will be a self help guide showing new drivers the types of vehicle combinations on the road. It will introduce them step by step to chaining up both singles and doubles (which of course I absolutely hate). It will show them how to tarp a load. It will show them the different trucks Like Mack, Freightliner, etc. It will show the different gear shifts available such as 10 speed, 13 speed, 15 speed, 18 speed and even one I don;t like, the Autoshift. It will have Canadian and US weights both in Pounds and Kilograms. State by State and Province by Province. It will have Scale locations and phone numbers and will also have phone numbers for permit offices. It will have the Bridge height and width restrictions state by state and Province by Province. Essentially it will be the Dummies guide to Trucking. Of course, I will make it user friendly and easy to read. There will be far more than this, but that was just a sample of what is to come.

As always dear readers, I thank you for reading my Blog Post and if you like what I write, please follow along with email. Please share with your friends and have them join me too on this incredible journey as I work towards publishing a first book and setting a milestone. If you like you can also follow me along on Twitter here:!/truckerofbc or you can like my Facebook page and follow me along here:

If you are a sponsor and have any goodies you would like me to try or sample or host as giveaways, please send me an email to   I am always looking to test out and try new products which are related to trucking or photography or electronics geared to truck drivers.

Thanks for reading, drive safe and keep em Sunny side up.



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  1. Debbie McG. permalink

    With everything that you’re involved in, just when do you find the time to sleep?

    • I am not really that busy Debbie 🙂 It may certainly seem like it, but I have a lot of spare time on my hands. I’ve learned to just maximize the need to do in the shortest time possible and sometimes I don’t get it all done.

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