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Travels of a Trucker Why do we put up with this?

January 16, 2012

Many a time my wife has asked me how I can live like this? She says you don’t get to shower regularly. You don’t eat properly. You get very little sleep. The hours are long and are unpaid. You have no family life. This is just the start of the questions and to be honest they go in one ear and out the other. She does make some good points, but at the same time she doesn’t understand anything I say. As a matter of fact I have used trucking to escape from her on more than one occasion. 😉

But yet the questions remain…why do we put up with it? Well being a driver is certainly no piece of cake as many believe. My wife goes to work at an 8-5 job and sits on her ass all day at a computer calculating numbers. By the end of the day she can’t see straight, has a headache and is grumpy from lack of sleep. So I compare myself to her more often than not when she asks me. You see, she believes and says, I wish I had your job, but at the same time, I say I wish I had your job! But in the end, I have to remind her that my job isn’t easy either. As driver’s we deal with Black Ice, Snow, Whiteouts, Slow moving traffic, stop and go construction, rush hour traffic, accident delays, road closures, avalanche and rock falling highway closures, long hours, little sleep and yes lack of food sometimes. But in the end, when we deliver our load there is a sense of satisfaction even after all the stress of what we drove through. I remind her that yes, my job is not easy and I often have headaches after a long day also. She fails to see that concentrating on the road is as grueling as looking at a computer screen all day long.

But yes the question remains…why do we put up with it? Is it the camaraderie that we feel as we chat with each other at the truck stop about the highways ahead of us or behind us. Is it the camaraderie of the chat we listen to and partake in on the VHF radio about what lays ahead. Is it the camaraderie knowing that we are never alone on the highway. That there is always another truck around the next corner. I try to tell her this and as always, in one ear and out the other. She doesn’t see the camaraderie of working long hours and sleeping on the road. she thinks that I am alone on the road and probably the only trucker on the highway.

But again the question remains…why do we put up with it? Is it the peacefulness of sleeping by ourselves with no one to bother us? Is it the fact we control our own destiny and control our own hours as long as the load gets there when it needs to be no one is breathing down our necks looking at our computer saying what are you doing? Is it the fact that we take pride in our equipment and enjoy when others admire it.

Again I ask why do we put up with it? Is it the fact that we get angry when drivers leave the landing legs so high in the air?

Landing legs are so high on this trailer I could see about 3 inches of daylight between me and 5th wheel…grrrrrrr

So why do we put up with it? Is it the tremendous scenery that changes everyday that we like?

Yet again…why do we put up with it? Well my dear readers who are not drivers and those who are drivers will know that it is a combination of everything I have said. It is like an addiction that just gets into your blood and you never really want to stop even though you know that it might be the best if you have a young family. It may be the best if you have a health problem. It may be the best if you are tired and weary and road worn that you cannot function on a long drive as adequately as you should be. But yet, we put up with this. Like an addiction, it keeps coming back. We may switch jobs, we may look for other work, but in the end, it is usually revolving and centering around trucking.

So why do we put up with it? Because we love our job. We may not love our company, we may not love our employer, we may not even love the fact that we cannot be home, but in the end, we love being tall in the saddle and driving that big truck down the road.

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Thanks for reading, drive safe and keep em sunny side up.



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