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Travels of a Trucker Driver Rewards

January 18, 2012

As a trucker, it seems that there is one thing consistent in the trucking industry. If you cannot manage money, you won’t survive very long as an over the road trucker (O.T.R.). A lot of employers simply provide the power and the place to sleep, but they forget that a long haul driver is in that truck 24/7 for at least 10 days on a cross country trip if not longer depending on circumstances like weather and delays. A good example even is a short trip with a wide load even in BC. Having to do a special route, followed by daylight hours only, having to shut down the day preceding a general public holiday and not being able to drive until the Monday morning (Tuesday if the holiday is a Monday), getting to a job site and hoping that the wind is not blowing for the crane to be able to operate efficiently. All these which should have been a 4 day trip turned a trip I had into a 8 days trip. This is just one example. However, back to the point, most employers don’t even consider providing a fridge for drivers who live on the road and you have to wonder how would these same employers like it if they had to stop and buy all their food ready and made to go paying outrageous prices at truck stops themselves.

Take for example the fact that these same employers would not eat out at a restaurant everyday they worked. Most likely they would be eating at home 8 of every 10 meals and so why should they expect us as drivers to spend our money everyday just to survive! But this is the reality that a lot of driver’s face and the reality is that if you cannot manage money, you won’t survive. If most of your income goes to Cigarettes, Coffee, Rent, Child Support, and bills, it doesn’t leave much left for food afterwards and some drivers forget they have to eat after they have picked up the newest VHF or the latest Sirius Satellite Radio and spent a lot of their wage on it. (Did I forget to mention that a lot of employers will refuse to provide even a VHF radio which should be a necessity and expect the driver to provide it if he wants it).

Well the post today then is about driver rewards. Some companies are trying to help drivers even if it is marketing aimed at bringing drivers to their stores instead of another retailer. And for me this is what it is all about. Cutting down costs or being paid back by someone else other than the Government through my taxes. I need every incentive I can get when I live on the road and I will sure look for those incentives.

So what incentives are there for being a driver? Well if your a Shell/Flying J/Pilot user, make sure you get ahold of your Frequent Fueler card available at most truck stops. If your like me, I found that most of the truck stops which are now Pilots don;t carry the cards in stock. S you need to call the customer service number. So what does the Pilot/Flying J Frequent fueler card do? Well it gives you money back in the way of coupons which you can redeem just like cash at the Pilot truck stops or Flying J’s. You can get free Coffee’s. You can get free showers.

What else can you get as a driver? If you are a Husky user in Canada, be sure to get your NATSN card. The NATSN card short for North American Truck Stop Network card is a points loyalty card which is primarily Husky and Independent Truck Stops. Occasionally you can get a lucky instant win for swiping your card and every few hundred gallons you get a $10 Gift card to redeem in store.

If you are a in the U.S. you can apply for a few different reward programs. I will just list them briefly,


TA (Travel Centers of America

Pilot/Flying J




Where ever you travel and whatever you travel with should be rewarded in my opinion. We are all trying to survive out there and those truck stops that utilize these rewards programs. Getting free coffees, showers and free food is definitely worth getting a few of these cards if your company fuels at more than one of these locations. Even if you only use one, be sure to get the reward card and make it pay you back each time you stop there for fuel.

On a sidenote, I will try to include one interesting fact as often as I can.

Today’s interesting fact. The Nordel Scale situated on Highway 91a near the Alex Fraser Bridge in Delta, British Columbia appears to be getting busier. They are now sending more mobile fleets out each day and within the radius of these confines you will be dealing with not one, not two, but three!!! Yes as in 3 agencies who will be watching your moves each and everyday at least in the Delta area. Not only do they have the Scale which is run of course by C.V.S.E , they also have the Delta Commercial Vehicle Enforcement , then you have the Delta Police Department (the commercial vehicle enforcement is a part of this, but any police officer can pull you over). Now the interesting fact of the day…the C.V.S.E. will now be implementing a Ghost Squad. As if trucking was bad enough with scales and mobile bears. Now they are going undercover! You will see in the picture below at least 3 of their new vehicles. 2 S.U.V.’s and 1 4×4 pickup truck. Unmarked, plain jane white. But sure as shoot, in the upper part of the windshield is the all too familiar Blue and Red lights. So as a reminder, if you come to BC and travel through Delta, be forewarned, they are becoming very aggressive in the target of unsafe loads and drivers.

thanks for reading Travels of a Trucker. As always, drive safe, be smart and keep it sunny side up. If you like my blog, feel free to sign up with email on the blog. If you like you can also follow me through Twitter :!/truckerofbc or you can join me on my Facebook page here:

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    Another interesting and informative post!

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