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Travels of a Trucker The SIX Driver Types

January 19, 2012

Long ago and many moons ago when I was but a young’un learning the ropes of the old warrior ways…lol if it was only that easy to reminisce about the good old days. It kind of reminds me of the drivers that I see nowadays. I am still young too mind you, but I now have years under my belt. And from the days when I started driving it really hasn’t changed all that much. It has changed however for those who have been driving for 25, 30, 40 years now. And with each new decade that passes, the qualities that are emerging are just not getting any better. I have a few little short things to tell you about in this post so I’ll get right to it.

In the years that I have been driving, I notice that there are essentially six types of drivers out there. Although everyone’s interpretations are different, I will give you my unique perspective on what I see. If you are not a driver, perhaps you know a driver and can assess what he or she is based on my detailed description.

There is the old road warrior who is cautious, takes his time driving, sleeps at a dead set time every night and never varies from that schedule. His dispatchers know him well enough to leave him alone as they know he does get the job done safely and without wrecking the equipment. These are the types you tend to see on the highway during the day at a regular 8am to 8pm shift and then they go get dinner and watch tv in the bunk. They are usually the ones whose children are all grown up and he is financially okay maybe even owning his own truck. He is out on the road because it is all he knows how to do and if he stayed home, the wife would be worried he was sick. Over the years his wife has come to appreciate the home time he gives, but she no longer nags him to come home every day or to find a local job. This is a set in the ways type of driver and he won’t be afraid to tell you if your doing something wrong. They are the type who would offer to buy you dinner or to have a coffee. They don’t do physical labor like a young driver would, but years of driving experience have taught them when to shut down the truck for the night.

The second type of driver I see is the happy go lucky driver. He flies whenever he feels like it. He wakes up early and drives until late at night. He is usually a younger type guy with a family and a wife who nags him to be home all the time. He travels because he loves driving. He is usually the first one ready to go driving and the last one ready to stop. He is usually broke because his family and bill payments eat all his money up. He of course can drive the truck nicely and has experience and is quite often friendly. He may tend to borrow smokes or money from you and you typically will not see it back. He is usually quiet when something goes wrong, but likes to gossip on the CB or the VHF. He will push through if he can as long as there is someone else to follow if the weather is foul. Otherwise he shuts down for the night waiting for the morning light.

The third driver is the grumpy driver. You will never see or hear from them except when they have to fuel. They do their own driving and mind their own business. They are usually doing in town jobs and have the attitudes to go with it pretending they know it all, or have done it all when in fact, they have done very little. They are grumpy because the job they are doing is a dead end job. No room for advancement, they are stuck in a routine and they get very irritable when that routine is broken. They are like union workers. They cry when new workers come on board that they will lose hours or they will not make enough to satisfy their 50 hour in town work week. They forget how lucky they are to be home everyday with a woman or having a home-cooked meal and being able to go shopping or to the store as they please or even using the bathroom when they want.  They are the first to jump on you in a non helpful way when you do something wrong. They are bossy and if you are new they will tell you what to do.

The fourth driver is the lazy inept driver. He may work city or highway. He is consistently late or slow. He will sleep in late, drive very few hours and complain about his lack of pay. He will turn his phone off when paydays come and turn it back on when he has spent his money. He is like a sponge. Working off employers to satisfy his craving from paycheque to paycheque. He has no family to worry about and the only girlfriend he cares about is the one who comes a calling to his truck. Typically known as the lot lizard. He may abandon the employer’s truck if he finds another job that pays better and still expect a final pay. His paperwork is missing information or logbooks and he may get consistently busted for infractions at the scale. He just doesn’t care. Trucking for him is just money in his pocket for the short term and his driving proves it. Cutting off other drivers, rushing in traffic, getting speeding tickets and then cursing at the cops for being asses when he gets a ticket. He will often be impatient and may even have road rage issues.

There is a fifth driver. The midnight cowboy. This is the driver who is not afraid to tackle those storms head on. He will rush off into the night fighting against the elements. He will be the first one to try the Black Ice skating rink. He will be the first to disappear into the swirling effect of a snowstorm coming off a lake in Ontario. He will be the first to hit the Freezing Rain feeling invincible. He is not afraid to do it and it shows. Usually these types are found in the ditches, flopped over and in wrecks all over North America.

The sixth driver I have seen is the meek and the mild. They are followers. Afraid to take the lead in a convoy for fear that they may be going too slow and not wanting to push themselves to fast. They are constantly afraid of rolling over. They are always afraid they will be late. They constantly whine and complain about the weather or what it is doing or what is happening up ahead. These drivers tend to do better at the back of the pack trying to keep up with everyone else. They are followers and if everyone else goes to bed they will too.

Well there you have it. The six driver types I see. Perhaps you know some of these types? Perhaps you have seen them around on your journeys? As always dear readers, thanks for reading Travels of a Trucker. I appreciate all my readers. If you like my blog posts, be sure to follow along with email or find me on twitter:!/truckerofbc or join me on my Facebook page here:

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Drive safe, be smart and keep em sunny side up.


My interesting fact for the day. Driver’s, most warehouses now come equipped with RED light, GREEN light. Make sure you watch for these lights before pulling out from a bay door. As we all know Red means STOP…do not pull out. Green means TAKE IT AND GO! However, this isn’t always the case. As most drivers who have been around long enough know…sometimes receivers forget to turn on the RED and sometimes they forget to turn off the RED. So make sure you check with the receiver/shipper before pulling away.


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  1. Nice post! Very interesting observations… one could take your analogy and apply it to a few occupations with some adjustments, of course 🙂 Keep us posted on your travels! Cheers:-)

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