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Travels of a Trucker A New Week Begins

January 22, 2012

Hello readers and welcome back to another day of my blog. You may have noticed that I may miss a day here and there. It isn’t because I don’t love all my readers. It is to regain my strength. Even a driver and computer keyboard pusher like myself needs a break once in a while too!

So our title today is A New Week Begins! So what does that mean to me? Well a new week for me begins with the start of rush hour traffic. It begins in the early morning when it is still dark out. It is a little chilly and brisk out. It is the start of what I hope is a 40 hour workweek minimum. It is the start of seeing new faces, meeting new people or reacquainting myself with those friends from work or from places I deliver too. It is a symbol that “Hey, I’m still alive and here!”.

So what is it that makes us weary at the end of the week and at the beginning of the week we are so itching to get in the saddle again. Perhaps it is that we miss our comrades whom we spend 1/3 of our lives with. Perhaps we miss making money. Perhaps we just enjoy our jobs. It is for me all three of these things and maybe that I just enjoy driving. I could probably drive 20 hours a day if the employer wanted me too, but then again there is a need for sleep and a time to be away from work also.

So what does the week have in store for me this week? Well as usual I will be driving. I will be doing my deliveries also this week. I will be seeing the same faces that I deliver as usual and dropping the empty trailers off to the same places. There are a couple of things I won;t be doing this week since I finished the assignment up last week. I had to pick up 4 of the 5 brand new trailers which had only the kilometers it took to drive them from the utility yard to the shipper. That was how new they were. Freshly painted, brand new tires, no dents, no scrapes, no scuff marks. Nothing. absolutely brand new and the maiden trip was with me from Coquitlam to New Westminster. But unfortunately, all of the new ones have been picked up and thus it is one less task to do, but that is 10 more trailers added to the fleet which must be dropped off to be refilled or delivered when the highway drivers arrive and need a relief driver to complete their deliveries. I actually like doing these deliveries. I have about 3 or 4 places to deliver on a trailer and it takes time. It is nice when the job is so preoccupying that time just passes by so quickly and when I arrive home it is already late and I am ready for bed. It reminds me a little of highway driving where I am so bagged that there is nothing I want to do except jump into the sleeper and hit the pillow.

So, as you read this, I wonder to myself, since not all of you are drivers, but work at other jobs. What is your job? What makes you want to go to work? What makes you ready for the weekend? This will be a two part contest. To win you must complete 2 of the following. Simply liking my blog on Facebook will not give you entry.

#1 Like me on Facebook (this is a blog so no relation to Facebook and thus I can say “like me all I want…like me on Facebook!)

#2 If you already like my Facebook page…send a friend.

#3 Comment on the blog post.

I will choose the best answer from the comments below and send $25 Paypal to the person whose reason for going to work best intrigues me and has liked my Facebook page or sent one friend to like my Facebook page. (link is below for Facebook page)

Be sure to make a comment and also tell me who you referred. I will choose the Best answer by Tuesday afternoon and announce the winner.

Thanks again dear readers for following me and reading me! Keep em Shiny side up and drive safe. If you like my blog, please sign up by email to receive the latest Blog. You can also follow me on Twitter here:!/truckerofbc or on Facebook here:

If you are a sponsor, I am always looking to test and try new products. Feel free to send me an email outlining what you have that you would like me to test and promote.

Thanks again for being my dedicated readers. Please share the love of my blog with your fellow friends.


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  1. So I honestly do love my job. But I have to say that I’d be happy to leave it and be a stay at home mom until the kids were in school.
    Since that won’t happen, onto my job. I’m a numbers geek with a math degree. I actually get to use my degree at work. I love the people I work with too, which is a bonus. The atmosphere is relaxed while still very productive. I feel challenged to think outside the box and love to play numbers detective. Before the kids I would happily work longer hours.

  2. Sherri N permalink

    Chris F sent me here… on my way to like your FB page.

  3. Kristen Duever permalink

    I am a marketing & communications coordinator for a local non-profit. A big part of my job is social media which I love because I get to “meet” lots of people and learn about their lives. I go to work because I enjoy it (and because I like to eat and live in a house!) but I definately like my weekends too or I might never get away from a computer.

    ps. Already like your page and just referred Laura F.

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