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Travels of a Trucker….Slanguage

January 24, 2012

As a driver, who avidly likes listening to the VHF radio or CB radio, there is often times when drivers say things which sound like a foreign language to people who don’t know. I have heard so many expressions over the years that I wouldn’t begin to remember them all. Some were good, some were bad, most were neutrally oriented. I will list some examples of what a typical person may hear if they were to Travel along the Road with a trucker.

Slang                                                          Meaning

Rainbow Warrior                                R.C.M.P (Royal Canadian Mounted Police)

Bear                                                          Police, Cop

Plain Brown/Grey/White Wrapper   Unmarked Police Car or SUV with Color

Roger, 10-4, 42                                   Copy that, Understood

New Canadian                                      Foreign Driver

Chicken Coop/Henhouse                Scale

Eyeball on ya                                       A police officer with his radar on or facing your way

Mexican Overdrive                          Laying your foot on the Clutch Pedal to take the Tranny out of gear so you fly down a hill (way too fast)

Into the Rhubarb                              In the Ditch (referring to an accident)

Watering the Grass                           Taking a leak

Dusty                                                      A little bit of snow falling

Jewellery                                              Chains

Shiny side up                                      Be safe, drive carefully (Keep the wheels on the ground)

Lot Lizard                                            Prostitute

no more eyeballs                             Tired, Bagged Out

As you can see, driving a truck has a whole new language and as with anything takes some getting used to. There are many more expressions, but  I won’t numb your mind trying to remember them all. My blog post tonight is short and sweet. The winner of my contest for the $25 Paypal is Kristen D for her Social Media role. I am also giving a bonus $15 paypal to Chris F who works hard at supporting her 2 young boys and would be a stay at home mom if she could be. Ladies, please send me your paypal addresses to my email ( and I will send it out to you as soon as I get them. (see, it pays to follow travels of a Trucker, you just never know when I will get the itch to pay 🙂 )

Thanks for reading my blog post dear readers. Be safe, drive safe, keep em shiny side up and if you like my blog, feel free to sign up by email. If you like you can also follow me on twitter here:!/truckerofbc or on my Facebook page here:

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Thanks again, until next post.



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  1. Thanks so much!!! Wow. You didn’t have to do this (not that I’ll complain!)
    Thanks for all your tips and advice for coupons and contests too. I’ve learnt lots.

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