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Travels of a Trucker High Loads

February 3, 2012

While driving the other day, I noticed this truck carrying a load that was precariously dangerous. It was dangerous not because it was a high load, but the way it was carried and positioned on the deck of the truck. This load was rather tall and of course tall loads have a natural tendency to fall over. Well this load was a disaster waiting to happen and I will explain why.

Tall loads as you know have a high center of Gravity which is definitely compounded when you add in the fact the load was narrow. Now when using belts to secure a load there is traditionally a wider berth at the bottom to keep the load in position and centered. In this case, the narrow bottom meant there was no center of gravity pushed down onto the deck, rather the center of gravity is pulled to the sides which of course was why this load was swaying. Since the load is narrow, the straps have too much angle room for this load to sway with.

Now there are some simple remedies when carrying a load like this. #1 you can stack freight against it at the base. This will give you a more sturdy base structure so the high load won’t topple over. The only downfall is you have to make sure the lower structure is longer than the higher structure so there is contact otherwise you have not protected as we discussed in a previous blog from rearward or forward motion. #2  You can use a specialized beam designed for carrying objects like this which you would typically see for those carrying objects like flat Granite Panels or Glass. The object is leaned on one side, but has a rectangular base which gives it a sturdy base structure in contact with the deck. #3 you can lay the object flat because it would be considered a non reducible load and get an overwidth permit charging it back to the customer. #4 put it in a panel van or cargo van which has 4 walls in order to keep it secured from falling out and utilize a strap. (On the majority of Trailers you will see a series of pockets running down the length of both walls. These pockets are designed for straps to be hooked into the wall for this purpose. To prevent falling loads if required or to use load bars which can be placed to keep freight up front and not falling back.

Whichever the case, there were certainly a lot of better options than what I saw here with this swaying load and I am sure the driver was sweating bullets. Anyways, I won’t compound too much on the issue suffice to say I am sure he made it to his destination, but the bottom line is why sweat bullets when you can sing happily instead of consistently being worried.

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