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Travels of a Trucker Go after your dreams!

February 5, 2012

I was sitting around home today with one of my few days off and two shows caught my eye today which reminded me about how life is. How people who are ordinary can become extraordinary. How people who have never been known before can become hit sensations over night and over a matter of a few seconds on the television. The shows I am talking about of course are the Superbowl where players who would rarely have been known before are now immortalized forever as Superbowl Champions. The other show is of course called “The Voice”.

Now why do I compare these to the life of trucking? Trucking if course is not going to immortalize you in any record books except the taxman’s record book. Secondly of course you may never make it onto a tv show or become a one hit wonder or a majorly well known person except in your own mind. So why is I compare these shows to trucking? The answer is simple, following your dreams. Of course everyone has dreams and for some the dream to drive a truck is a dream in itself where people can fulfill these dreams. Just think that in the course of being a trucker you may someday actually have the pleasure of getting a position hauling these Superstar’s band equipment around or the stage they require to setup or the lighting or even the band itself if you get really lucky. Just imagine they can;t even drive this equipment that they would have to rely on us as their personal chauffeurs or equipment transporters. So you see the correlation is very real. You could be rubbing shoulders with the stars if you play your cards right!

Secondly driving a truck is not a job that anyone can do. There are countless people who my be medically unfit, but they too have the dream of being able to drive a big truck. There are others who have failed their tests and simply given up their dream. There is others who are economically challenged to be able to get the required training to drive. There are still others who for the life of them are just too scared to be able to drive something which they may find intimidating. And you, yes you may be living their dream!

So how hard is it to admit that you may be living the dream of every young boy, and even some adults! It really isn’t very hard at all. After all, we all have dreams and some of us are living them daily. You may not be the most recognized person or the richest person on the planet, but there remains the fact that there are plenty of envious people who would love your job just as there is who would love to be a star football player or a music recording artist. So be proud, hold your head up high and be proud of the fact that you drive a truck or hold a dream to drive a truck. After all that is what dreams are for. Fulfillment and accomplishment.

Thanks for reading Travels of a Trucker. Drive safe, be safe and arrive alive. If you like what you read, please share your love for me with others. You can also follow me by email, or on Twitter and on Facebook.




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