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Travels of a Trucker My ever changing office view

February 6, 2012

How many here can claim that they have the best views in the world when it comes to an office view? Now sure you might have an office with a view but your view is not omni-directional and ever changing. My view on the other hand is always changing and consistently changing. My view changes wherever I go and the scenery and places and people I meet always changes. My office goes with me wherever I go and is like a mini office. Sure I have my Blackberry so I am connected to the Internet. Sure I have my Blackberry so I have my phone. Sure I have my map-book and my Google maps so I always know where my office is headed. I also carry my snacks around like one would have on their office desk or secretaries will traditionally keep candies on the desk, well I keep some too. The best thing is, I don;t even have to share my candies so I can eat them as I please.

While driving down River Road today, I was greeted with a sight that I see occasionally but not as often as I would like. a huge cargo boat going up the Fraser River. Now I see enough boats having worked with the ports for many years, but I am always awe inspired at the fact about how monstrous they are and how huge they are. Literally bigger and wider than a football field and carrying massive amounts of payload. They are the Kings of the Oceans. I have always had a dream of being on a ship and being able to tour destinations, but alas my current dream is being a truck driver. Sure I have other dreams, but I take them one day at a time.

So back to the point, I was admiring this boat and of course thinking that my office is the best office in the world!

So this is my office view for today! Tell me what was your office view today?

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