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Travels of a Trucker How to sleep in a daycab for dummies

February 8, 2012

It has been said that truckers are the most patient men in the world. Perhaps it is because we drive long hours. We get stuck for long hours in lineups and traffic jams. Perhaps it is because we sit at receivers and shippers with little care on their end as to how long they are delaying our livelihood by holding us for hours or expect us to drive all night long to get to the receiving end. Whatever the case we all need sleep. Even if we are but lowly daycab drivers and are lacking sleep we still need sleep too.

Perhaps we had a little late night fun. Perhaps we were watching the alarm clock all night or perhaps we were sick or excited from the night before and just didn’t get any sleep. Whichever category you may fall into we still need sleep. It is very hard to function without any sleep. As drivers we are use to very little sleep, but in some cases we still have slept even if it was but for four or five hours and are expected to remain awake for the next 20!

So a little humor goes a long ways in this post and this is How to Sleep in a Daycab Course 101!

Pay attention I may give you a little quiz later on!

First step we need to do is make our ass comfortable in the chair turned sideways. Without the sideways turn we could not stretch our legs out since we would be facing the steering column and the dash and unless your 4 ft tall your not gonna be comfortable sleeping totally upright. As you will see in the following picture I have begun to turn my body and positioning my legs over the Transmission shifter.

Next of course we need to ascertain we have enough leg room to stretch outr legs over to the other seat. Too little and you’ll be uncomfortable with a shifter under or between your legs. Too much and you have to hang your ass off the edge of the seat. This really sucks cause then your upper body is slumped in a curled position putting pressure on the bigger belly. So once you have ass and legs firmly in place, begin by stretching your first leg onto the passenger seat.

As you can see, I have just enough leg to span the width without laying totally down or curled up. My ass is firmly snug in the seat and I can extend my leg. Once you have this position secured you can now bring up the other leg and this is vital to why you need to be firmly planted with ass on the seat cause if you lift that other leg up, you will slide off your chair and no one likes to pick themselves up off the floor!

There now, was that so hard. Now we have the mechanics of the motion down, we are firmly planted and ready to sleep. Last part of your task is laying your head back against the window and falling asleep.

So wake me when your done reading this.

Hope you enjoyed my little article. Until next time thanks for reading Travels of a Trucker. If you like what I read, feel free to join by email. You can also follow me on Twitter or Facebook in the links below. I look forward to having you join me on my Travels.


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As always drive safe, be safe and arrive alive!!



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