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Travels of a Trucker Peace Officers are Salesmen!

February 10, 2012

Peace Officers are Salesmen! How can this be? They wear a uniform. They uphold laws. They serve and protect. What could a salesman and a police officer have in common? Well here I am to tell you. You see, being a trucker I am no stranger to tickets. Over the course of my career I have had several and some of them are tickets that the average person would never even know about. Ticketed for having an expired “over width” permit 20 kilometers from the Manitoba border where I would no longer need it. Ticketed for not sleeping enough! Ticketed for not having a physical copy of my C.V.O.R. when the law in Ontario states out of province commercial vehicles need not have a copy only the numbers.The police officer didn’t even know this!

So how does this make them salesman? Well let’s get into the finer details. Have you ever been stopped for any traffic offense? Perhaps you got caught speeding? Perhaps you got caught running a stop sign? Maybe you were just doing something you shouldn’t have been doing.  Now the officer as we all knows comes a calling to your window. He looks at you with a cheerful grin and says “Hi, do you know why I stopped you?” Well let me see Officer, was it the fact I bought your last favorite donut? No, please enlighten me then! And of course we all know the next famous words from their lips…licence and registration please. If your a commercial driver he will also ask for your logbook and your trailer insurance as well.

So off they go and there you sit like an idiot while everyone goes whizzing by thanking you for taking one for the team and keeping that cop busy while they bust a move to put distance between themselves and that cop who is probably busy reading a magazine while he keeps you waiting. If your lucky you may even have a female cop and she may even be doing her nails while you wait for that anxious moment when they come back to you.

So a few minutes later which feels like a long time…they come back with the ominous notebook which is clearly the ticket book. They have that stern look on their face as they describe to you every little thing they could have ticketed you for…while you were speeding you failed to signal when you pulled over for me, then you also crossed a solid white line when I pulled you over. So instead of ticketing you for all 3, I am gonna lay it to you gently and give you not 3 but only 1 ticket. And as an added bonus, instead of saying you were doing 106 in a 90 I am gonna drop it down to 100. Now isn’t that a sweet deal??? By now your all excited cause he has just sold you on the one ticket special and as he gives you the ticket he has a smile on his face.

Or how about this one. I got stopped in Kamloops one time. My log book of course not even touched. So off I go inside and I had done a line on it a rush but forgot to look at it more closely. I had written my line showing less than the required off duty hours. So lo and behold, they catch it. As they begin to cite me the rules, failing to take 8 off after 13 hours, driving past the 14th hour, working past the 16th hour and so on. He describes to me as vividly as if it had been a woman he was eyeing up that he could give me a ticket for each infraction. Well he sells me on the I am gonna give you a one ticket special. well that one ticket was $398!!! Why thanks sir, that was real sweet of you to give me one honkingly huge fine and drop the other 2.

So there you go, Peace Officers are salesman and they will sell a ticket to you every time. Hope you enjoyed reading that 🙂

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