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Travels of a Trucker A little friendship goes a long way

February 12, 2012

It has been years now since I worked for some companies and over the years as with everyone, we all make a common bond with our fellow employees. At the current position I am in this has been no different with the bonding between myself and fellow drivers since we all do the same thing. Drive and deliver.

However, over the course of these years I have also met some real dinks and gained some valuable friendships. Mostly though what I have found is that the friendship remains when you share the same company, but they forget you after your gone. This is the challenge since sometimes, I try to hard at being overly eager at making friends. I forget that at the end of our positions when either they go or I go, they become a distant memory. No more phone calls between each other checking where each other is or when they are going on the next road trip or finding out where they are going. Of course as you make these friends you think that the friendship will be a forever friendship. Having a pal to go for coffee with or chat about or inviting them and their families over for dinner. Then when you have left you begin to find out real quickly how much they didn;t see your friendship in the same light.

As people we of course try to establish our friendships and then we move forward by invitations to coffee, offering to help out, sharing phone calls and sharing laughs on the road. The thing is sometimes we overly expect that our friends will feel the same way. So if in fact we do move on, our friends will continue to check in with us occasionally to see how we are doing.

I have as an example one friend who I met while working for H & R Transport. Now over the course of the years, I have changed jobs and he has remained faithfully with H & R. Him and I have shared fishing trips, we have gone for coffee, chatted about women. We have had lots of laughs, I have been there through friendship and watched him get married and he has also covered my ass in times of trouble when my wife needed to know where I was…not that I was up to no good with another woman…but you know us men sometimes need a hobby or two like a little casino gambling to pass some time by. Our friendship has endured over the years because we call each other and check to see what each other is up to and occasionally we meet for coffee at the local Tim Horton’s. Our friendship has survived because one of us has been stable at a position and of course it makes it that much easier to remember him frequently every time I see the H & R truck. We have been through a lot together even working a strike and going through union picket lines before.

Yet through it all there are perhaps 20 other friends whom have not remembered me and at one point or another I have tried to extend my friendship beyond the trucking life and they have simply refused to return the favor. Either they fail to call anymore or they just can;t be bothered since we don;t share that unique common bond of working for the same company. The bottom line is that we all need friends. Life is full of ups and downs and we all need these friendships to weather the storms. So good luck in your friendships and thanks for reading Travels of a Trucker.

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