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Travels of a Trucker Trucking Acronyms

February 13, 2012

In trucking as in general life there are acronyms which most drivers know and recognize. Of course it is over a short period of time before you will hear them and remember them as they become a focal point of your life as you drive a truck or a career in trucking.

So let’s begin and look at some of the more commonly popular acronyms used in the trucking industry.

B.O.L. Bill of Lading (A bill of Lading is usually Carrier Specific to Bill the Shipper/receiver for movement of goods services)

C.V.S.A. Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance An alliance formed by a coalition of North American Vehicle Safety Agencies

C.V.S.E. Commercial Vehicle Safety Enforcement A specific role in the CVSA. Usually in the form of an inspector

D.G. Dangerous Goods Goods which can be flammable/toxic/poisonous, etc

D.O.T. Department of Transportation

F.M.C.S.A.Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association

F.T.L. Full Trailer Load

G.V.W. Gross Vehicle Weight The weight of the Vehicle at maximum payload

G.V.W.R. Gross Vehicle Weight Rating The rated capacity of a loaded vehicle

HazMat Hazardous Materials

I.A.T.A. International Air Transport Association

I.B.T. International Brotherhood of Teamsters A Union

L.T.L. Less than Truckload

M.O.T. Ministry of Transportation Ontario based Transportation Agency

O.O.I.D.A. Owner Operators Independent Driver’s Association Represents Owner Operators

P & D Pickup and Delivery

P.O.D. Point of Delivery

P.O.E. Point of Entry Referring to the Canada/US/Mexico Border crossings

R.C.M.P. Royal Canadian Mounted Police Canada’s National Police force

T.A.C. Transportation Association of Canada

T.D.G. Transportation of Dangerous Goods

3PL Third Party Logistics

W.H.M.I.S. Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System

Although by this no means covers all the Acronyms used in trucking, there are a lot more and some of the Acronyms of course can be used distinctively for geographical purposes or industry specific purposes or even company purposes. A good example is the Q.E. (Queen Elizabeth Way near Toronto and Q.E. II Highway in Alberta)

So next time you are at work. Look around you and try to identify what Acronyms you use at your place of work.

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