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Travels of a Trucker Behind the Scenes

February 20, 2012

Hello everyone and so sorry for being away for so long. Ive been sick for almost a week now so I’m a bit behind in everything. First off let me say I was rather disappointed in the shares to win a Paypal! I am not sure where the love is gone but I just could not understand how I could only get 3 shares when I asked for 50 before I would move forward with a giveaway. Money doesn’t grow on trees in my world and giving it away should require everyone to make a little extra effort. I can understand if I was a sponsor who didn’t fulfill a promise or obligation, but my prizes have always been fulifilled so it came as a surprise that friends would not share my page! Disappointed extremely…made me question my blogging.

Anyways, onto something new. I have been fighting this cold as you were all aware so I just didnt have the strength or the effort to put forward on my blog if it isn’t going to be shared. So please renew my faith and share my blog with your friends. Ok!!

So that being said, let’s get into a new Blog post today. As a trucker and as many of you who are truckers also know we get first hand access to a lot of things which the general public never gets to see. From being a trucker as part of a Nascar circuit to being a trucker for a Music Artist or a trucker for a travelling carnival or perhaps even a trucker picking up products from leading manufacturers like Sony or Hudson’s Bay (HBC). everything has it’s own behind the scenes way it is run to the product being sent out.

On this particular occasion I took a few photos of the HBC warehouse which is a restricted facility and everything is high security. Surveillance Cameras. High Tensile Locking Gates. Chain Link fence inside the warehouse. Security Gates to pass through and other forms of security which include cash rewards for those who know of theft incidences. Whenever I drop trailers off to HBC I only simply sign the trailer in and leave it in the parking lot. My duty is done towards HBC. I never get to go inside except for the shipping area. So I just wanted to share with you a look inside the high tech warehouse from the shipping area. Now this is cool. All the product is run on conveyor belts. It is run on conveyor belts down to the truck loading area. It comes from a variety of locations, but all is conveyed to the location they need it. It is an intricate roadway of Conveyor belts which I couldn’t make any more clearer and I am sure I wouldn;t have ben allowed to take many more pictures. (I had to sneak these two off when no one was looking 🙂 )

So dear readers do you have any interesting behind the scenes photos or stories to share. I would love to hear about them.

Thanks for reading Travels of a Trucker. If you like what I write please follow along by email or you can find me on Twitter or on Facebook at the links below. Stay safe, drive safe.





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