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Travels of a Trucker Behind the Scenes

March 3, 2012

Hello everyone. I had quite the hiatus coming into today not having blogged for over a week since I was feeling unhealthy for a few days and then I just didn’t have much to say as I was a little depressed about some events that were occurring in life. Well those are behind me and I thought I would title this post Behind the Scenes. The reason why I chose Behind the Scenes was simple. On the days when I bring my camera and mount it on the dash to do some recording it seems as though everyone is on their best behavior and I can’t catch any idiots doing what they do best. But on those days when my camera is not on, it was a totally different case. It seemed like everywhere I went I just had bad ass drivers everywhere. as a matter of fact, I was almost wishing I had a cracker jack box with me so that the next person who does the stupidest and inane moves on the road, I will present them with the cracker jack box and ask them to kindly put their licence in it as a symbol of where they have picked up their licence from.

You see as a driver and like many of my fellow readers who also drive we see everything. We see the nasty accidents as we drive by them. We see the remains of those nasty accidents. We see the first aid and police and fire and ambulance responders racing to the scene. We are sometimes even the first responders to these events and by no mean is this a pleasant experience when your dealing with someone who is pinned in a vehicle requiring jaws of life or someone who has killed themselves and being the first person on the scene. It is these types of events which make me absolutely wish I had power and control over others on the roads and literally put their licences back into the Cracker Jack box they stole them from.

So here it is some of the more memorable moments of what you have missed without being able to film them in the last few days. I had numerous cut offs. From Braid and Brunette to Stewardson way to Front Street. Everywhere I went people were just dashing to get ahead of me. It seems as though they were oblivious to anything other than getting in front of the big guy. Next I had people who would just refuse to move into the green light to complete a turn. There was a blinking turn left signal which of course changed to yellow and then solid Green. As we all remember when we learned how to drive it is legal to turn left when it is safe to do so on a solid Green and if you remember…please move into the intersection. Well this one lady sat there the whole solid Green and did not advance to the intersection. So of course, Yellow and Red goes. So now we wait until the next turn signal and finally she goes. Well she isn’t the fastest Cracker Jack Licence thief either so we make our turn and there are now 3 lanes headed South on 152st and we come up to the next light. So she darts over to the far right lane. Well that lane ends in a turn into the mall parking lot and what does she do, she is now trying to force her way in ILLEGALLY from a turn right solid lined signal so now not only was she inconsiderate about the Green light issue she has now just made an illegal move back into traffic from a marked lane which is to turn right!! Lady please return that Licence to your Cracker Jack Box. Stop pretending you know how to drive!!

Next we have a work of art who thinks he is in an invisible automobile because what would have been left of him would be nothing short of invisible. The construction along 104th ave has narrowed 2 lanes into one to enter the highway. I am driving truck and trailer and yahoo figures he can pass me on the right in the lane that cuts off. Well he squeaks by but barely. I shake my head in disbelief at buddy who must be thinking that he is invisible and can pass through solid objects. Not to mention we are in a 40 kilometer an hour construction zone he is doing well over about 2x that to get by me as narrowly as he does. Buddy, Licence back into the Cracker Box and DO NOT PASS GO…return to the end of the idiot line.

Next up…another yahoo figures he can make it on a dead ending lane with truck and trailer beside him. Only this time he/she knew they were not gonna make it and wind up ramming on their brakes. For all those out there who might wonder, why don’t I move over…I can’t. Obviously being a larger vehicle I cannot as easily slide over to the next lane especially with traffic beside my truck or trailer. If I could so at anytime I always do. Anyways brake rammer…slide the licence back into the box please.

Throughout all this I periodically have the occasional person who figures that doing 30 or 40 kilometers an hour in a 60 zone is A-OK. Thumbs up buddy for pissing off everyone behind you. Please return to the driving school that taught you and sue them for failing to teach properly. Driving like this is not going to save you, it’s going to find some yahoo that wants to pass you and their car is rammed into your ass when they realize they cant make it and get into an accident with you being the rear ended, trunk in the ass victim. Pass that Cracker Jack Box please.

Front Street in New Westminster is clearly marked. There are 2 lanes headed West once you reach the underpass of the parkade. Both signs show straight arrows meaning if you are in the Front Street traffic you cannot turn right. There are 2 lights and this is clearly marked at both lights but everyday it is a common occurrence that someone will turn right and pass a straight on intersection that is blind to them because of the pillars. Hello…get out your licence and please throw it into the Cracker Jack Box of the car that will be broadsiding you one day!  This is just stupidity, ignorance and a blatant disregard for a traffic signal/sign.

Well there you have it. A few glimpses into my last couple of driving weeks in a nutshell. It’s enough to make me shake my head daily at the obvious and blatant disregards to our traffic signs. This just doesn’t happen occasionally, these are daily events. I just wish that my camera was set to idiot capture so that every time one popped into view my camera would just turn on automatically. Oh yeah, there wouldn’t be enough memory for that!

Thanks for reading Travels of a Trucker.



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  1. Great post as always Roger. Hope you are feeling better soon. I think every idiot driver lives in the Vancouver area! Do you remember that big licence scam a few years ago where people were being licensed without the proper training, tests or credentials? Big fraud scam. I swear all their kids learned to drive from them.
    Cheers Deb

  2. Glad to see you back blogging, I missed your posts. Don’t you just hate those drivers who are too cheap to buy the bulbs that go in their signal lights, those guys annoy the heck out of me.

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