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Travels of a Trucker My recommended visits

March 4, 2012

Whether a tourist or a visitor. Traveler or Trucker. Driver or just plain old live near there, I always have some recommended places to visit. Just as I am sure you have yours. My places though are unique. They are places that many a driver has known or passed by and if you haven’t you should check them out. So I’ll list my little special travel places I would recommend. First off let me say that I am not endorsed or paid in any way and some of my places may be for a weird reason. So take them with a grin on your face.

I am not one for spending money on the road and I usually would prefer to spend the night in the truck before I had to pay for a hotel room. So let’s start off the list with the Trucker’s favorite sleeping spots. As we travel we’ll hit up the distinct highways. Highways 1, 3, 5, 11, 16, 93, 97, 17, 400, 401. Some of these may be familiar to you already and some may not be. We will start with BC and work our way Eastwards.

Highway 1. Highway 1 also known as the Trans-Canada Highway is a great place to travel. Extending from Coast to Coast one can find numerous rest areas. although in some provinces the route may change names to Highway 17 such as in Ontario, it is essentially Highway 1. Highway 1 has many great places that this trucker loves to sleep at. Going Eastward you can find this trucker napping in the Fraser Canyon on the old Highway 1 at a place called Lytton BC in a little pullout near the Esso. Another great place you can find this trucker sleeping is just West of Boston Bar in a little pull out called Elvis Rocks the Canyon Cafe. Owned by an ex-Elvis impersonator this Elvis filled memorabilia cafe rings up many memories of Elvis and is a must see along with the Hell’s Gate Tram that runs across the mighty Fraser canyon.

Going further East you may find this trucker sleeping just outside Revelstoke in a huge truck pullout. Close enough to town to walk in an avalanche closure but far enough to stay out of the locals way with a big truck and not be snowed. You may also find this trucker sleeping even further East at the town of Golden on a side street running parallel to the Highway. Getting up in the morning provides plenty of food and coffee in the AM.

Running towards Prince George or further may find this driver pulled out at Quesnel. Near the top of town is a nice Walmart with a Tim Hortons and on the other side of town is fueling stations. Being only an hour from Prince George it is an ideal area.

Traveling further North I may get to Burns Lake and sleep or up towards Smithers BC. If I am going to the Fort St James area I may sleep on the  Rez at the Petro Canada Station.

If I am traveling Highway 5a you just may find this grizzled young trucker at the Merrit Husky or sleeping in the Cul De Sac near Canadian Tire to maximize a Tim Horton visit in the morning.

If I am headed to Vancouver you may find me sleeping at the Husky near Flood Hope Road. Or if I am feeling dandy to get by the scale I will be sleeping at Lickman Road to wake up to that fresh Tim Hortons aroma!

Traveling up the 5 towards Highway 16 you may catch me at Little Fort where they always have fresh baked goods every morning.

You may even see me up in Valemont waking up at the Co-op fuel station so i can buy the fresh baked cookies they always have on hand.

As I progress towards Edmonton on the 16 you may catch me sleeping at the base of Mount Robson in the truck pullout area.

You may catch me sometimes on Highway 3 and I have been known to sleep near Creston BC or Cranbrook BC. In Creston there is a lovely sleeping area across from (you guessed it) Tim Hortons!

As I work my way to Alberta on the 16 I may be occasionally caught having some Z’s at the Petropass near Devon or the Husky across the street. In odd cases I may be found at the Road King in Sherwood Park or the Flying J.

Many a time I have also just camped out at Jasper National Park looking for any signs of bears as I pee before sleeping (it is pitch black out there)

I have been known to sleep in Calgary at the old Road King or if I can by pass Calgary I will sleep at a little Petro Canada called Cluny.

If I am on Highway 3 I may have got to Medicine Hat Husky. If I am on the 16 I may get to Lloydminster

As I leave Alberta, I can usually traverse Saskatchewan but there are times when I have been caught sleeping there before. At the Husky in Regina or at the Husky in Saskatoon I am no stranger. In a little town called Davidson I have been known to rest some weary eyes.Saskatchewan is usually a rarity but I have often called Wynyard a great place to sleep on the 16.

Heading to Manitoba I have felt the powerful sleep addiction at the Flying J near Winnipeg. Or the urge to have coffee at the Tim Hortons in Brandon. Many a time I try to get by all this and head for a favorite place called Richer which has great desserts and home cooked food.

As I head into Ontario I begin to realize how many favorite spots I have encountered there. Clearwater Bay to get by the scale, Dryden, Ignace and Upsala have my head lain. Upsala being a favorite of mine. Thunder Bay and Nipigon are no strangers to me having called me to sleep many times. Schreiber has met me as has Marathon since it takes damn near a marathon of eyeballs to get there. White River has always been a fan favorite since at 3am they bring out the freshest piping hot cherry turnovers and a 6 pack of them has been known to leave with me each trip! Wawa and the Sault have seen their fair share of me as has Thessalon and Blind River. Oddly enough a lot of these places I buy my cheap Indian Reservation smokes 🙂 If I travel up Highway 11, I have always had a penchant for sleeping at Long Lac or Kapuskasing. Black River, New Liskeard and North Bay have seen me one too many times. Many times I have slept at Tay. Occasionally you could find me in Bradford at the Husky or at the Shell or Husky near Dixie and the 401.

So there you have it. Some of this truckers memorable sleeping spots. While not all of them, they are some of the better areas that I have slept at. So tell me, where and what are some of your most memorable sleeping areas or holiday road trip sleeping areas.

Thanks for reading Travels of a Trucker.


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