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Travels of a Trucker Busy Weeks

March 18, 2012

So I haven;t been blogging as I should have been as of late. Partially lazy, partially just been busy, but mostly weird shifts that have left me with little time to do what I love best and that is to entertain my readers. You see, I would work in the morning, then go home for 2 or 3 hours and I would have to go back in the evening to work another 8 hour shift. Since the rules in trucking allow employers to work 16 hour shifts it is little wonder that I have had any free time. The other day for example I had a road trip to Kelowna. They wanted me to run a highway truck back with a load on of course. So I had to catch a ride with a driver going up, then I had to grab the highway truck and run the load back down to our Delta yard. So I finished just around 1am after being up since early morning and being on duty since 10am. By the time I got home to sleep after doing my computer point programs like Irazoo, Zoombucks, Swagbucks and Superpoints it was pushing on 2:30am. Then I would go to bed and they would be calling me at 10am to go back to work after my 8 hour off duty period (8 hour +2 hours off during a 24 hour period).

So as you can see I had little time or desire to sit down and actually write. So my one day off is kind of a victorious day. It is the only day I can laugh in the face of my employer and say I finally have a day off…lol. Well I don;t quite literally laugh. More like relief. Cause I know come Monday I will get the call to go back to work again and the routine starts all over again. My hours being reset with the 36 hour mandatory after 70 hours in 7 days routine.

So fear not fellow readers, I have not forgotten you and I have missed writing my little posts, but sometimes we need to feed our families first. Of course my blogs don’t pay me, I make no money whatsoever and this is purely my source of being entertaining to you my reader. So of course work has to come first at least until some major newspaper or magazine thinks that my writing is creative enough and ambitious enough to offer me some full time, salaried position. I don’t see that happening anytime soon so I OWE I OWE ITS BACK TO WORK I GO…lol

But on a sidenote lots has been happening lately. I just got a brand new truck after a long haggard battle. It’s a long story but I wound up trading in a mustang then I had buyers remorse and returned the truck and I actually went to the insurance company and they said the car was still in my name so I re insured it and put the plates on at the dealer only to be told no I couldn’t have my car back that they owned it now. So after a renegotiation I walked out of the dealers owing $150 a month less between insurance and my payments. So now I am happy. 5 years in debt happy but nonetheless happier. Also the house hunting has been going crazy. We lost out to an all cash bid on our first negotiation. Walked away from a second deal after a building inspection on the second home and lost out on the third as someone bid without subject to a building inspection. Now I scratch my head and say who buys a house without a home inspection as a subject???? What would happen if the building foundation was broken or there was Poly B piping in the plumbing or other major defects?

Well there you have it. Been a busy beaver and I see no end in sight for the next 30 years to being a busy beaver until we get a house and pay off the mortgage! And of course pay off my Dodge Ram truck which by the way is a 5.7 litre Hemi.

Stay safe dear readers and drive safe. Until my next post if you wish you can follow me on Facebook or friend me on Facebook.



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