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Travels of a Trucker Bad Luck comes in 3’s

April 29, 2012

Everyone has their fair share of luck. Some may be good and they win the Lottomax or the Powerball lottery. Others may have the most downright god-awful luck which can cause a host of problems. I too have my days when bad luck besets me and I feel sheepish. In some cases I wonder how in the world could that have happened??

Last weekend I had to work which is nothing unusual, but it happened to be a busy weekend due to the Vaisaki parade that was occurring in Surrey. For example all the routes were super busy going into Surrey. Traffic was a nightmare and it was worse than normal as there was also an accident near 200st which had 1 lane of our major arterial highway shut down. So let’s start from the beginning. I had a delivery as usual to Chilliwack, Mission and North Vancouver Superstores. Chilliwack was a breeze. The guy had me in and out in about 40 minutes. I arrived in Mission around 11:30 am and I was expecting to be in and out of there and on pace to be done quickly ahead of schedule. However when I got there, the local Loblaws truck was already in the door. As well they had freight all over so the lady says, it;s gonna be awhile. So I go back to the truck and wait…and wait…and wait…until finally almost an hour and a half I was done. It was now 1pm almost and my next appointment was for 2pm in North Vancouver which I would now be late for. This was bad luck #1.

Finished with my delivery I headed back to Highway 1 to get to North Vancouver. It was around this time an accident on Highway 1 snarled traffic. Combined with the Vaisaki parade goers headed to Surrey it was a nightmare. miles of traffic congested trying to merge into 1 lane. At one point I took a picture and I was nowhere even close to 200st where the accident was. I was way back at 232nd st. As I got under the underpass which you will see in the picture below, traffic came to a stop. It was stopped for awhile so I turned off the truck and got out and looked like a number of others did. I could hear an air leak coming from my truck and discovered I had air leaking out of a valve which is situated at the rear of the truck to pull trailers with via a draw bar or pinto hitch style. I went to push it back closed and the whole assembly crumbled under the weight of my pushing it closed which by the way was barely anything. The lever was so seized up and rotted that there was nothing left of it. Really I am surprised it just didn’t fall off. Anyhow, when it broke, all the air escaped which allows me to pull the trailer. This is turn locked up my trailer brakes. So there I was stuck under the overpass. I had to literally drag the trailer off the highway using the force of the truck so that I was not impeding an already pissed up line of people. Struggling to pull it, people were watching and I am sure they were wondering what in the heck was going on as this truck was trying to pull this trailer out of the highway and the wheels are not moving. I was worried that I may actually scrape the tires down to the cords also which has happened to others in the past trying to drag wheels that are braked. Eventually I got it off the to the shoulder and sat there with my hazard lights on as everyone that went by was probably looking at me wondering if I was the cause of their impediment. This was bad luck #2.

As I sat there, I of course made my calls to dispatch. The only problem was a mechanic had to come out to me. I couldn’t leave a high value load on the side of the road. If anything happened to the load it would be even worse trouble than the truck breaking down. So there I sat. My appointment time came and went. I sat there until help arrived for 3 hours! After 3 hours, a mechanic showed up with the correct parts and cut the line and did a male-female air line splice repair which patched up the leak and I was able to proceed again. By then I was arriving at Superstore at 5:30 in the evening almost 3 hours later than when I should have been there so i had to explain to the receiver why I was late for their delivery and hope they could unload me without any wait time.  This was bad luck #3

Of course the culmination of these events was just happenstance as we all know, but the sequential timing of them is most ironic when they happen one after another and the old saying goes bad luck or good luck  happens in threes.  So what good luck or bad luck has befallen you in multiples my dear readers?

Thanks for reading Travels of a Trucker!!


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