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Travels of a Trucker Not All is What it Seems

May 8, 2012

I wanted to relate a story to you. Nothing special. Probably nothing you haven’t heard of before but it seems to hit home the morale of the this story. You see the other day (last Saturday), I was just going to work and I had jumped into my truck. It was morning and of course at that time, the business district of Annacis Island is almost a ghost Island with most places shut down for the weekend. As I was arriving I watched this guy appear from the sides of the trucks on which I was parked. He seemed to be shuffling his feet and so I turned my private truck around and parked in front of the big truck I drive. So I jump in and I am watching this guy out the side of my mirror, but as it so happens I have a large tree to that side just obstructing the view a tiny bit. I could see he was at the back of a vehicle and I thought okay maybe he is up to no good. A few moments later and I see him walking towards me again and it appears he has some bags in his hands. Alright I think maybe it’s an illegal dumper. So a few more minutes go by as he headed back to the pickup and I think maybe he wants to dump more or something. I had seriously thought about calling the police and reporting a suspicious character. Well in the end I watched him unload a lawnmower and a few other accessories which enabled him to do yard work. The bags it seems were for the lawn debris his lawnmower would pick up. So anyways, the morale of this story was not all things are as they appear to be. It would seem later now that I think about it more carefully he was surveying his about to start work and preparing and planning for it. There was a reason why I recalled this story and at the time I had it  tied into the trucking world quite nicely. Now a few days later and my memory has failed me. So I guess we’ll just leave it at that. An unfinished morale that somehow in my mind tied into trucking some time ago…lol

But lets continue on shall we. So many things I kept on thinking to blog about and now that I sit here my mind suddenly went blank like I was just given a new fresh brain with nothing on my mind. Oh how I wish to be newborn again to soak up math and languages like I never have before!!

Well I will just sit here then wile my mind recollects and greedily ask for you all to join me then if you haven’t joined me yet before on all my newfound lovely points programs. 🙂 If you are not members yet, please join under these links so I get credited for you.

Swagbucks I have been collecting these points now and almost have enough for a $100 Gift Card!

Irazoo I only get points if you use it and search and win also

Zoombucks again only if you search and win I collect points also

 Superpoints if you like mindless easiness. Just click this button 30 x a day and collect points. If you complete do the link please fill out the complete profile so I can get credited and earn more mindless button clicking. But hey almost enough for a $10 gift card already without anyones help!

Joe Shopping if you are looking for easy peasy, just sign in here daily and collect three points for free. Mind you you have to click on your profile and then click the free daily points link. You didnt think it was that easy did

Oh this list wouldn’t be complete without a little Zwap love!

sign up there and then post on the admin’s wall (Handler) at this link: that good ol Truckerofbc sent ya! She will send you a lovely Tim Horton’s Gift Card for $2.50 and she will also send me one for $2.50. You can then refer your friends and collect the same awesomeness! Zwap is a great forum for contests and coupons.

Well, it has been a few minutes and my mind is still blank.

By the way just wanted to share this cool little graphic that was on the side of a truck as I was going through the scale the other day.



I know I am just going to ramble and yet I had so much to say so I will just cut it short and wish you all a good couple of days. Lots on my mind right now just not the blogging mind as you all may have noticed the last few weeks.


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