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Travels of a Trucker An Adventure Ends

May 23, 2012

Well so it seems my friends that bad luck seems to befall me once again. I love driving and I love being in a truck but it seems that something seems to go wrong every time I sit behind that steering wheel. I don;t know if it is just a curse of bad luck that I am cursed with what I want to do and I can’t do it. You know what I mean? We all have things we love but sometimes we just can’t for the life of us have any luck at what we want to do. Bad luck seems to follow like a plague that we can’t get rid of. So some of you who follow me on my Facebook personal page will know that ***gasp*** I was fired yesterday. And in a few moments you will read for yourself what transpired. I do believe I was fired for asking for my overtime, but this is not something that just happened. This built up overtime when they expected me to live by the phone and jump at their every beck and call. You will see the emails that I sent and that they were posting my job since they were already looking to replace me before they fired me which in my opinion constitues and unjust firing.

I will start with what happened. Early last week (I have Sundays and Mondays off scheduled) I had a friend alert me to the fact my company was posting a job opening.

There it was clear as day on Craigslist. So I emailed the boss asking directly. He pawned it off saying he was looking for interest in putting a third truck on. Which I am sure we can all consider bullshit since there were some days there was not enough work for even me.

So on Sunday I check for my advance. It isn’t there. So I send a text message which went unanswered and also a message by email. This was also unanswered.

Well they turn around and fire me on the 22nd. They had the ad up at 8:29am and called me at 8:38am and then fired me just after 9:30am on the 22nd.

So now this is the letter I will be sending them.

As you can see it clearly looks like they fired me for asking to be paid overtime. When now they can hire some other driver and not tell them or they won’t care they are not getting overtime pay.

Well thanks for reading. I’ll let you know how it all turns out.




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  1. Debbie McG. permalink

    Sucks that they can do that. Too bad you can’t prove it though otherwise they’d be up shit creek.

  2. sk43213 permalink

    Good luck with this & also with getting your back overtime owed. If it is a significant amount, could an attorney help?

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