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Travels of a Trucker Bad Luck Swings My Way

June 4, 2012

Bad luck. When we hear the word we think of it always happening to someone else. We think of someone losing their house in a fire as just bad luck. We think of someone losing their pet as bad luck. We think of someone losing their job as bad luck. So recently as you all know I have been going through bad luck and to be honest I was just wondering when the bad luck bus is gonna stop so I can graciously exit while I still have some dignity left.

You see, a couple of weeks ago as you all know I was fired from my job. You all read what happened from my previous article or from my personal Facebook page. What you may not have known is the next 2 incidences that have happened and being in such quick succession to each other really makes one wonder.

My family and I had just finished purchasing a house. My wife had a great job and has been there for over 2 years now. She had a great salary and was the bread winner of the family which is why I was able to stay off the highway looking for local works. So after purchasing the house, being overjoyed and elated we started moving our stuff in for an end of June move in. We had the whole month to start bringing our things over. So the first things we moved over was the boxed items to clean the house out a bit including a Washer and Dryer we got from the auction. Among these things was a suitcase filled with irreplaceable items. Items that in my life I will never see again. Items that my children will never get to see. It was items like the x-ray pictures of my wife’s pregnancy. It was those little tape measures of my wife’s pregnant belly which documented her growth. It was those little I’m a girl and I’m a boy name tags when they were born. It was the newspapers from the dates they were born. It was my son’s and my daughter’s certificates from when they were dedicated to the church. It was numerous letters congratulating us on the birth of our children from co-workers and friends. It was our marriage certificate. It was our marriage package from the ceremony when we got married. It was treasure to me and nothing to anyone else.

Among other things are those which can be replaced. Contest winnings literally for the last 2 years. A brand new stereo system I was fixin on breakin out in the new house that has sat in the box in pristine condition which I won from Virgin Mobile Canadaa. It was an $800 Jaime Oliver T-Fal set which I won from Dempsters. It was 3 Ipod Docking Stations that I won from Canada Safeway. It was this, it was that. The list goes on and on and on like some nightmare. Literally half of our boxed possessions were taken. By insurance values it was roughly $6000.

So that happened on the night of May 28/May 29. The same week, my wife was let go from her job. Technically they laid her off, but literally they also fired her and she has never been fired from a job. I won’t go into the personal nature of her firing, but suffice to say they also knew it was bullshit so they are giving her 2 months salary plus length of service.

Now obviously this comes at a time when we are a little hurting already only to have it compounded and then expounded into us more and more. I jokingly said to one friend the only way it can go any lower now is if my wife divorces me and by all appearances that may not be too far off on the horizon again also. I was supposed to start a local job and my wife knows I am in debt also but taking this local job would literally have me declaring bankruptcy so I had to choose a highway driving position which she is of course pissed about.

What can one do though? A choice had to be made. Take a local job and declare bankruptcy or take a highway job and stave off elimination. So I chose the latter. Sure it means I will be away from home for a night at a time, but it isn’t the end of the world and we certainly need more money into the family coffers at this point.

Anyhow, I did not post this on my Facebook page as some of my wife’s friends are also there. (my personal page). But now those of you who are friends with me know what is going on. By tomorrow morning I will be back in the saddle headed to Edmonton in a White Peterbilt.

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