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Travels of a Trucker The Government Knows What You Did This Summer To Me Too!

June 10, 2012

It has often been said that big brother knows all and sees all regardless of how often we try to fly under the radar. As a truck driver we often to try and fly under that radar when it comes to our taxes and we often to try to fall under the speed limit when we come around that corner and a bear is sitting there with his eyeballs on us. 🙂 Sorry just had to put that little pun out there.

Seriously though, As much as we often like to fall under the radar, in this day and age of technology and information sharing it is so difficult to not be pinned into one place at any given moment in time. From the usage of our credit cards to the usage of our bank card or the last place we fueled at which shows the receipt, time, date and location. We are constantly under scrutiny from those ever present satellites which orbit the Earth that we cannot see, but you can be guaranteed big brother is watching to the video surveillance cameras located in malls, highways and street corners. Yes we are far from flying under radar except in our own thoughts and minds. Someone, somewhere is always watching our every movement and yes this does include sitting here even typing away on our keyboards or even when you read this article it sends information to not only me about the statistics of my readers, but it sends to the programmers information on those who visit and utilize WordPress.

Now the title of this article is a little misleading since I am not going to be directly referring to us. I am going to be referring to our employers. You see, a few employers I have had to call Employment Standards on and each time I phone Employment Standards, no sooner do I get the company name out of my mouth that they respond, don’t file a self help kit, go directly to the complaint form and submit it. Why you ask?? Because these companies have not been flying under the radar. They have abused, neglected and mistreated others that the complaint system in a self help kit does not work with these employers and they need to be forced to pay. As long as it takes which can at times take up to a year before they pay, the bottom line is they are still required to pay, but at the satisfaction they can at least fuck you for a whole long year before they finally pay is satisfying to them. So the radar is obviously been cast upon them so much so that even the Canada Labor Standards and Employment Standards branch of BC recognize and know that these types of employers will not pay voluntarily and need to be threatened under heavy fines to pay a simple few hundred dollars in wages that they refused to pay to an employee whom they thought they could just ignore and say “we don;t pay overtime”. Well guess what buddy. Radar is upon you and you will pay it. Whether it takes a year or takes 10 years plus interest, I will get my money and in the end, it will be an unexpected bonus pay and a hey I get the last laugh you fuckers!!

Fast forward this case in what will be a standard that I have come to expect will be a follow up with the employer with a letter asking why they will not pay. If it isn’t according to any legislation they will have to pay the money. If the money is not paid, a hearing will be set up and they will be required to attend. If they do not attend an order will be made forcing them to pay. Fast forward a few more months and if they refuse to pay that order, a special request will be made to seize assets plus a monetary fine costing them upwards of $100,000 for a first offence. So once the ball is rolling, they may stall,m they may take time, they may do a lot of things, but when it comes to the Government, you know it as well as I do. They know how to get the money and they know what you did to me this summer.

If you ever have similar problems, I urge you to file a complaint. If someone robbed you, would you sit idly by and allow them to rob you or would you stand up for yourself and stop it? I hope you would take a stand for yourself also like I do and take back what is yours.

Thanks for reading.




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