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Travels of a Trucker An Odd Night Out

June 23, 2012

It was one of those nights last night. On the road traveling from Edmonton to Calgary and back to Vancouver. The day started out good with it being a warm and Sunny day but I started off in a cranky mood. Having reached Edmonton at 3am on a non stop trip to Vancouver I was told by the Receiver at Sobey’s that they would receive me if I swamped my own load. Of course I wanted it to be over and done with so I accepted the offer. They assigned me to choose a door from 48-58 and I went out there was no vacancies at those doors. I went back inside and the receiver said just go wait. I was bagged already so I laid down and went to sleep. at 6am I was awoken and was so literally disoriented that I could not see straight or even walk in a straight line. I was so tired I appeared drunk. They assigned a specific door to me and told me to grab it before someone else scooped it on me. I backed my trailer in and fell back asleep. 2 hours later I am re-awokened and asked to move to another door. By this time I was livid. I phoned my dispatch and was stating that I was a great pin to pin guy and this LTL was shit. Of course he knew why I was angry so he was sympathetic. An hour and a half later I was finished and on my way to Calgary. I arrived in Calgary around 3:30pm and by that time my dispatcher advised me someone else was picking up my load and to get some rest. I did manage to grab a nap and by 9:30pm my load had arrived in Calgary and I was on my way back. On this trip it was very eventful. I managed to travel with a trucker who has been following and reading my blogs and got to meet him. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a VHF radio to be able to chat with him, but let’s just start with that at the beginning of the trip a fellow driver was broken down and I was actually going to title this story a different way but I’ll leave that for a different blog. Suffice to say, after checking out the problem it was apparent the workmanship and the product they installed was faulty.

Shortly after this we hit the Golden scale area where construction was taking place. Of course they posted a bump sign, but I couldn’t begin to explain how bad these bumps were.  We hit this pothole area like the song from Wolfcreek Pass doing 4 to the 7th power and when we hit them, I was damn sure something was gonna give. Between my ass being thrown from the seat to everything in the truck being shaken or something coming off from the undercarriage I was sure something was going to give.

The next thing we were driving along on our way where we had just left Revelstoke and were into the switchback area. On one of the corners I was met with an unexpected sight. A few trees that had massive girth had fallen across our lanes and I had to swerve to avoid them. My hands of course were trying to be faster than my brain and if they could talk they would have been stuttering. Fumbling there in the dark I couldn’t find the switch for my backup lights and hit just about every other damn switch there was including my rotating beacons. I watched the driver I was traveling with avoid them also. Had any of us hit those logs a front axle would surely be needed and maybe a lot more. If you consider how much damage a moose can do that is moveable, consider an inanimate object like a 30′ tree catching the axle. It would have been torn off with little thought.

When we got to Sicamous I was sure most of my freight had tipped over, but I couldn’t look as my load was sealed. We shared a few quick minutes, but being drivers with deadlines we soon parted ways on our continuing journeys. He back to Calgary and I back to Vancouver. It was a long journey for me being so tired though and by the time I had reached Pritchard at 4am just outside Kamloops I needed a nap. By 8:30am I was up again and yes I did make it back with a load that was safe and sound and had not tipped over.

So next time you see a friend make sure you take the time to stop and say hello.

Thanks for reading.



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