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Travels of a Trucker The Hunter Gatherer

August 26, 2012

I was sitting down at the River tonight trying to Fish for Salmon and realized just how lucky I really am to be born into this world where we are no longer hunter/gatherers. In essence we are no longer cavemen. It is a good thing because my actual Fishing skills are somewhat lacking and therefore driving is the bread and butter of my livelihood. I shant say it is the bread and butter of our family as my wife would most likely have something to say about that…so mum is the word…literally. 🙂

So unlike my Fishing skills I can drive overlength, overwidth, overheight. I can drive Super B Trains, A Trains, Tri-axles, Tandem axles. I can back in sometimes even on one try. I can drive through snow, sleet, hail, rain, slush, freezing rain, ice and Black Ice. I can do these things before I can catch a trout or land a Salmon.

So what is it that makes my Fishing skills less than that of others? Well everyone has skills. Some are more certain than others. Some are more obvious than others. And some just need a little coaxing to be apparent. My skills on the other hand are driving truck. My wife’s skills are engineering. Thus she knows Math, Science, Physics and those other subjects which I never did well at. Hell most times I think I may have went one day a week while in High School. She on the other hand would have been the nerdy type answering all the teachers questions. But this doesn’t make my wife any less than me. It’s just that her skill sets are much different than I. I would like to see her attempt to lift a heavy object like I could. Ha, put that in your pipe and smoke it wife!!! lol (Ok, I better stop picking on her).

Anyways, the point of the matter is that we all have certain skills. Some we are good at, some we are not. The ones we are good at, we need to keep up those skills. The ones we are not good at we need to continue practice. As they say practice makes perfect. So if practice makes perfect then I should be perfect in 10 years or so!

Well just a short one tonight to keep you all entertained. I guess I’ll just stick to driving and definitely not giving up the driving job to be a Fisherman. My wife would wind up being the sole bread winner of the family.

Thanks for reading.


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