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Travels of a Trucker Rumour has it!

September 14, 2012

You know a funny thing happened to me along the way the other day. It was in a sense rather humorous. You see the power of technology is so important in a truck nowadays that it plays a major role in the way truckers move down the highway. The power of communication comes in many different forms; Laptops, Cellphones, CB Radios, Iphones, Ipads and VHF Radios. It is the latter with which our story begins.

I was travelling home the other night coming back from Calgary, AB, Canada on my way back to New Westminster, BC. There had been an accident earlier in the day with which the highway had been shut down and I had heard nothing about it. To backtrack, as I was travelling, I was in the area between Golden and the Roger’s Pass when I saw a container truck who was going around corners so fast his container was ready to flop over. And I do mean that literally as I was watching his rear wheels lift up off the ground as he went around the corners. I managed to pass him going up the Roger’s Pass and kept wondering if that was how close he was coming on the way to the Roger’s Pass, how much more dangerous would he be coming down with it’s twists and turns.

Well I continued on in my journey and then i heard it faintly over my VHF Radio. barely audible as the signal was not very strong. Just a few words here and there…”rollover”, “West of Snowshed”, “MacDonald” something or other. So I was on the Radio…”Is that the (so and so truck) that rolled over?”  All of a sudden other drivers were coming over the radio also…”where’s this rollover?”, “I just came down from the Roger’s and didn’t see anything!”, “Who’s saying there’s a rollover?” and this continued on for about 10 minutes as we got closer and closer to Revelstoke. I had guys behind me coming down from the Roger’s Pass asking where the rollover was, I had guys coming from Revelstoke who were asking where the rollover was. So I began to wonder as I heard another who was also listening to everyone remark that there was a rollover on the 5a and the highway had been shutdown for awhile. This I surmised was what I had been hearing. Someone talking about this accident.

Anyways, the point of this is that with the power of the VHF Radio, news like this could have spread to Kamloops within minutes. With the average VHF able to carry a distance of 20-40km, it isn’t any wonder then that the information that I was asking about innocently would have been carried into Kamloops far much quicker than I would have ever got there. So I got on the radio when another driver again asked about where this rollover was and I quickly straightened him out. “It was nothing driver, someone was just talking about the rollover on the 5a and it was misinterpreted”. A hush fell over the radio as everyone went about their driving business and nothing further was said. It was so funny at the time how quick everyone was all of a sudden on the radio and when the information was wrong they were so quick to stop talking.

So the moral of this story is to make sure you have all the correct information before you interrupt a conversation to ask a question. In this case, the guys who were talking were long out of my range and they could not have answered me. The guys in my range were all curious as to where the rollover was as some of them couldn’t even hear the original conversation. On another side-note to this, another incident happened the other day to which I didn’t see, but one of my co-workers said he saw. The information was wrong on someone’s account, but I have no idea who is right and who is wrong. Only the police know the full story. On highway 5a, headed Westbound, past the old Tollbooth there is a bridge. Here is the story I heard originally. I heard that a motorist pulled up onto the bridge, left his vehicle running, jumped onto the bridge railing, and leapt over to his death in an apparent suicide. This story was related to me by a co-worker who saw the guy stop his car and get out and that was all he saw and another driver told him the guy jumped. In the same night as the other story, I just told you about, I was past Revelstoke and I heard a driver asking his co-worker, “did ya hear what happened on the 5a?” Some guy parked his car on the bridge, jumped ontop of his car to take a picture, slipped and fell to his death.” I immediately asked him on the radio about the version I heard and he said my version was wrong. I guess I’ll never know the truth unless it was published in the local paper around Hope, BC, otherwise I don’t know which story to believe right now.

Yes my friends, the power of communication is here to stay and rumours that once travelled slowly can now be carried very far and very fast with technology. Be careful what you say, it may come back to you in another version of events.

Thanks for reading.

Trucker. 🙂



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