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Travels of a Trucker It was a Dark and Stormy Night!

September 24, 2012

It was a dark and stormy night through the mountains.

Not a 4 wheeler was stirring not even from house.

With big Trucks a rumblin and animals afright, it was a sight to see throughout the night.

With a rush of wind here and a shift of gears there, slowly I climbed the hill out of sight.

Racing along, I thought to myself, what a wonderful night, and to all I wish I could sleep tight.

It wasn’t for me as I could see up ahead, that little Porcupine racing me to bed.

With a rush I was on him, my iron horse growling, that little small fella I could see but not smell him.

It happened so fast, that I could tell, What the hell, I was sure it didn’t last.

As memory faded and all thoughts evaded,

I fell asleep later, debating the fate of that little man hater.

I departed my bunk all alert and awake,

It was morning and I had to give it a shake.

I stepped on the railing and it made a mild rattle,

my eyes open wide i saw it had been battle!

My armor was pierced with such fervent fever,

I thought it was a rattler hoping to eat her.

For there in the rubber arose such a mess

I thought it would pop I surely must confess!

My little furry fiend with big red eyes,

had looked at my Horse and said here SURPRISE!

Well to be honest friends, it wasn’t Dark and Stormy. it was just dark. I swerved just ijn time missing the fella, but i must have scared the Quills right out of him for he got me good. Good think it wasn’t a person down there as I imagine that would have hurt immensely. Thank God, that my rubber was so thick, as I swear those Quills were into the rubber on the sidewall a good 1/8th of an inch. Had it been a smaller car, or even a motorbike, I do believe that those tires would have deflated. In the end, I arrived safely and Mr. Aggressive Porcupine lives to see another day.



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