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Travels of a Trucker Odd Hobby

October 15, 2012

You know as a trucker sometimes finding free time is a hard thing to do. On road trips there really isn’t much time to do anything. I barely break 4 hours of sleep, I never stop to eat except to grab a coffee and donuts to go a couple of times a day. You see my trips are what you would call fast turn around trips.

They are a full days drive away in the best of road conditions pushing 12-13 hour drives per day and during the winter they become even longer with Black Ice, Blowing Snow, Snow, Rain, Sleet, Hail, Slush and all sorts of other weather conditions. But the fact remains, I push myself hard and I push to be home as often as I can be. Now typically for most drivers doing these routes it is standard deliver one location, pick up one location and come home. Which makes for a standard 2 day rounder. In my case though I am not only delivering to one, I am usually delivering to 2 or 3 and further to this, picking up an additional 2 or 3 locations.

So most of my day is spent doing P & D and then it is the big rush to get home to have that extra time off in the week. So what is the point? The point is that we as people need to do other things besides work. We need hobbies, we need home time, we need downtime. Some of my friends who see me online often ask me, how do you find the time to do so much? Well to be honest it isn’t finding the time, it is about maintaining relationships so that i remain visible in their lives. It is about staying connected.

I am what one would call a Social Media person. My blackberry is connected to my Twitter, to my Email, to my Facebook. I gets dings and pings 24 hours a day filled with lots of spam messages. I get tons of Facebook notifications. So how does this translate into a hobby? Well my Social Media experiences are filled with my passion or hobby of entering contests. Rather in short form I am a contester.

A Contester is just a name given to someone who spends as much time as they can entering any contest they can find. It is much like what some would refer to as  gamer who spends all their free time playing Social Games on Facebook or more advanced games from Xbox or Nintendo or other devices. They are always on the hunt for the latest and greatest games, I am always on the hunt for the newest contest to enter.

So what drives me in my pursuit to be a contester? Well to be honest, driving for me is a rush. It gives a great sense of pride when I am in the saddle and contesting is the same. I enter each and every contest with the hope that I may win it and when I do win a contest there is a sense of satisfaction, happiness, excitement and the rush of adrenaline as I open up that email that says congratulations!! This hobby is free. I don’t have to pay for any supplies. There is no upfront costs or fees associated with my contesting. Quite simply in this age where they say nothing is for free, for the cost of my name, email and address (which can be found anyways), I have no problem divulging that information for a 52″ flat screen TV or Diamond Necklaces!

Congratulations !

You have won a copy of “The Raven” on DVD.

Please call Reception to discuss pick up details.

Thank you.

Citytv Vancouver / OMNI BC

Hi Roger,

Congratulation of winning at the « Smile and say cheeze » contest.

You’ve won a cheese plate set, including four cheese knives.

Dear roger simmons,

 Thank you for playing the e-Auction Instant Win game on Facebook you have won Sharper Image iPod Dock.

Dear Roger Simmons,

Thank you for playing the e-Auction Instant Win game on Facebook you have won Dirt Devil Easy Steam Express.

Dear Roger Simmons,

 Thank you for playing the e-Auction Instant Win game on Facebook you have won Alliance Films DVD Prize Pack.

Hello Roger,
My name is Jim and I’m the social media coordinator form Schneider National.  Congrats on winning our photo contest this month!  It was an interesting photo.  It’s too bad you’re not interested in a driving career with us.  I will need your social security number and a confirmation that your information below is correct before I can mail out the $100 gift card.

Hi Roger,

I’m emailing because you were selected as a winner in the Picture Yourself with Samsung sweepstakes. To fulfill your prize, I need your shipping address (no P.O Boxes) and date of birth (to verify you’re above the age of 18).


We were having problems with the reporting on DisQus, which I think we’ve resolved. The good news is you are still the winner of the remote, but here’s what we have as the final tally’s:

 Grand Prize, Sono wireless sound system – HelenW, detachable kitchen scissors

 Runner Ups, Logitech Harmony 900 Remote:

Kim Coady, Garage Remote

Truckerofbc, Kobo E Reader

Dear Roger Simmons,

You recently entered the “Canada Bread “Hots & Hams” Promotion” presented by Canada Bread Company Limited.

 We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected as a potential winner of a Broil King propane BBQ model Signet 20.

As you can see, contesting for me pays itself off. I have hundreds of these winning emails and this was just a small sample of some of my wins. So of course on my days off you will find me in front of the computer doing my blogs for a Social Media Contest Website and for this Blog and of course entering contests. So I ask you my dear readers…what is it you like to do on your days off? Thanks for reading and stay safe.


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