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Travels of a Trucker Follow Your Dreams

November 11, 2012

We all know that hard work pays off. Following dreams and never giving up is the key to success. This is what defines us as unique. We all have our different specialties. Some of those specialties are those that will make us rich.

Some of our specialties will make us known, but only in name and not wealth.

Some of our specialties are just being average working people who work at a 9-5 job and just live our lives to the fullest that we can striving hard to reach our every goal like a House or a Car.

Still there are some of us who are just good at everything they do and no matter what they touch it just turns to Gold. Personally I would prefer to be the one who has a specialty that would make me rich or the latter just being damn good at what i do and turning everything around me to Gold.

So why do I bring this up. Well this is a reminder that no matter what you do, no matter what your goals, no matter what stands in your way, you can overcome these obstacles. You can move mountains if you try and work hard and persevere at what you do. In the short term it may not be evident that what you are doing is gaining ground, but in the end, you will have seen the fruits of your hard work pay off.

So do I think I am any better than anyone else, not even close. Am I rich, definitely not. Am I poor…most definitely!! But I go to work each day, putting my pants on the same as billions of others around the world daily. Not only me, but every rich person, every successful person, every star athlete, every huge music star. We all put them on one leg at a time…well unless they are so tight that you have to hop into them 🙂

So that brings me to the point of my post today. Following your dreams. Everyone has different dreams. Some dream of being a Doctor. Some dream of being a Lawyer. Some dream of being a Writer. Some dream of being a Television Actor/Actress. Some dream to be a Music Artist. Some dream to own a successful business. Still some simply dream to be a Truck Driver.

Each of these and thousands of other jobs are unique and that is what makes them dreams and with a little hard work we can realize and follow our dreams. Of course within those dreams we all have our own version of what makes it even more of a dream. Perhaps it being famous. Perhaps it becoming rich. For me as a truck driver, my dream is finding the most rewarding job and even if I am not known, it would be a dream of mine to be driving a truck pulling along some big well known bands bandstage and instruments or perhaps even driving their stagecoach bus down the highway to gig after gig. That would be my dream as a truck driver, to be rubbing shoulders with a Star!!

The other day I was just browsing around like any bright eyed and bushy tailed trucker does who has nothing but time on his hands and I discovered this amazing talented woman who actually lives but a stone throw from me. I mean seriously, I am like everyone else…a star in my backyard…no way!!! But there it was, in Black and White and I didn’t even know this. So why do I bring her up in a trucking blog? Well lets just say that she is a rising star. She is a gal who appears to go after her dreams. She is driven to succeed and after reading some of her accomplishments I noticed one thing. She has not become egotistic and by the smaller venues she is playing she has not given up hopes. Having said that, I was also mildly surprised to see that her recording was with a couple of other well known artists who i happen to like and have on my Ipod. Now the young lady I am talking about has her music playing on Youtube

and she has a Facebook fan page here

Please check her out and if you go to her Fanpage, please say Trucker sends you there.

You may wonder why I chose to use her instead of using someone who is connected to the trucking industry. Well lets just say we all have our moments in time and this is her time to shine. She is living her dream and overcoming her obstacles and I can always dream I’ll be her bus driver or limo driver when she becomes rich, successful and needs a driver 🙂

Thanks for reading



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