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Odds and Ends

February 20, 2013

Well here we are. The end of another day of travels with a day off in between to recuperate and rest the weary and tired body. Then of course as you know, it’s back to work and back to listening to Six Days on the Road or some Man in Black Johnny Cash oh ok, you caught me…it was Red Sovine and his Freightliner Fever songs that you hear me playing. So whats in store for this blog? Well I wanted to touch on a few subjects very briefly. We’ll start with Mr. Wolf.


We sadly announce the sudden and tragic passing of Mr. Wolf

Mr Wolf had a zest for life with his hunting and gathering skills.

Mr. Wolf had a penchant for rushing headlong into things.

Sadly Mr. Wolf’s headfirst attitude was his downfall.

Mr. Wolf will be remembered for following his head into a speeding White pickup through Jasper National Park. (Licence Plate unknown)

Goodbye Mr. Wolf



The other day I posted a video of a trucker who left literally 2 feet of Snow and Ice overhanging his trailer. In this video you may also notice the driver there who was also in the video. This driver works for H & R Transport. We were parked in the parking lot of GFS in Edmonton and just…and I do mean just…beat me to the punch before I started rolling the video of the trailer with Ice. Anyways, I saw this creep dump a gallon of piss out on the parking lot by the door of his truck. I mean seriously, I watched this guy grab his gallon jug and dump it. I could see the liquid inside and as a person who has trucked for many years I can tell you it was not Apple Juice. This was piss. My first thought actually was am I actually seeing this??? I mean seriously, in the middle of a parking lot that deals with food products and thiss guy is dumping a 4 litre bottle of piss on the pavement that some other unsupecting driver may tread into the warehouse floor. Well bud, I may not have caught you on the recording, but I know the company you work for and your face is posted for all to see.


Who doesn’t love music? I certainly enjoy music. And with so much time on my hands, is it any wonder I am so screwed Well here I was singing my own version of the song “Convoy”. Try to sing it to the tune and see if you can spot the changes.

Roger’s Noon on the 7th of June as we highballed over the pass

BullDog Mack with a Flat on the Back and a minvan haulin ass

He was 10 on the floor strokin bore with their seat covers starting to gain

I said Minivan you a truckin with the trucker’s truck and I’m about to pull the plug on your lane.

Cause we got a great big merge lane coming to an end

Cause we got a great big merge lane coming to an end

So come on a try to pass me ain’t nothing gettin on by

Cause we gonna roll this truck over…the left lane

Merge Lane!

Well thanks for reading. Gonna keep it short. One day is not enough time to keep up with everything but I try my best.









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