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You Live in Lumby? Do you know this person?

March 3, 2013

As a trucker I am very attached to my VHF Radio. It’s an important part of my communication with other truckers. It tells me the weather up ahead. It tells me about accidents up ahead. It tells me about police traps up ahead. It is a vital tool which I am somewhat lost without now. Don;t get me wrong, I have gone for years before without one except for a CB Radio. I have gone without any communication both CB and VHF and trust me it;s a game of chance and in a sense a game of Russian Roulette when there is no sense of what is going on with the road ahead of me. Sure there may be the odd flash of bright lights but that doesn’t tell me much except that there might be a police trap. It doesn’t tell me what lays around the next corner. So to me the VHF plays an important role and every so often we hear someone on the radio who is interesting to listen to.

On this last trip I was coming back from Edmonton having started from Airdrie in the morning and picking up a load in Edmonton. It was a smooth trip having started from Airdrie early and leaving Edmonton early. As a matter of fact it was a pleasant trip all around. Only this time I was listening to a few guys on the radio who had switched channels and were chatting on channel 2. The typical channel that truckers run on is called Ladd 1. I was listening to the conversation quite intently. It was broadcasting very clearly since they were very close to me. They were chatting about interesting things which made my trip that much more interesting. As a matter of fact the chat they were having was at times x rated and it got me laughing on more than one occasion.

Somewhere along the way listening to them I had to join in on the conversation. First I apologized for of course eavesdropping and then I said they were making my drive very interesting with their chatter. What got my interest is that one of the persons talking lived in Lumby and I have a Facebook friend who also lives in Lumby so of course I had to ask the person if they knew my Facebook friend. (If she reads this she knows who she is). Of course the person I was talking to said he recognized the name but didn’t know the person. Well that got me into the conversation and for the next almost 3 hours of our journey I was in like Flynn. Chattering about this and that time went by quickly.

As we chatted I learned who I was talking with. I was talking with 2 pilot vehicles who were headed home and another trucker who was their friend and I was also talking with none other than Drew Sherwood. Now if your not familiar with who Drew Sherwood is…then you are definitely not watching enough Reality TV Shows. If you know who Drew Sherwood is then you’ve certainly been watching too much Reality TV. Either way your screwed! 🙂

Seriously though. Drew Sherwood is none other than an original ICE ROAD TRUCKER Reality TV Star.

Now if you Google his name of course lots more links are out there on this chap but for me it was an exciting trip to talk to and listen to this driver. Now of course he is just another driver and in the end he puts his pants on the same way I do every morning, but in the end, he was on TV starring on a reality TV series and I have not been. So there it is folks, you never know who is on the other end of the VHF. It could be me, it could be Drew Sherwood. Ya just never know.

Take care,



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  1. pilotcar2 permalink

    Drew Sherwood is actually a really nice guy when you get to know.

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