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Why don’t they?

March 9, 2013

Like any person who drives the road, I have my own thoughts and ideas on what places should do to make things better not only for me but for all road users. At least in my opinion. As we progress into the age of technology and free will it should come as no surprise some of the arguments that I will propose should be changed below.

Jasper Park

While Jasper Park is just another part of the road for me to travel through it really should advance into the new age. This would mean eliminating the park gate at both ends and installing licence plate reading equipment. This would eliminate the huge and heavy delays in the Summer months when all the tourists are planning to stop in Jasper. Having the electronic readers would eliminate frustration on the part of road users and truckers who are already under time constraints, keep the economy moving and reduce Carbon Footprint from idling trucks. The reader would allow tourists an alloted time such as 2-3 hours to get through the park or a bill would be sent to the road users home for the cost of the pass.

Edson Bypass

While most cities are moving to the trend of bypasses to reduce congestion, keep the economy moving and flowing and further reduce Carbon Footprints, places like Edson have not moved forward yet. Having a bypass installed around Edson would eliminate the need for truckers and other road users to feel trapped at having to do 50km on a major highway. In my opinion Edson iss selfish if they are not considering building  any type of bypass.

4 Lane Highways

While much of Canada is slowly and I do mean slowly changing into the 4 lane highway system, much is needed to be done still. Such examples are Highway 5 from Kamloops to Valemount. Highway 16 from Tete Jaune Cache to Hinton. Highway 1 from Chase through to Alberta Border. With the amount of road traffic increasing every year it is time to start thinking of ways to move the economy.

Repairing what we have

While I propose increasing 4 lane highways, I am also a proponent that we repair and maintain what we have also. Everywhere I go (Alberta Border being a prime example) the road bumps are terrible. Cracked asphalt, frost heaved roads, potholes. It;s like running a gauntlet determining which part of the road is not going to damage my tires or crack a ubolt. I look at the Coquihalla highway as an example of an engineering feat that has lasted 30 years. If we can have the Coquihalla survive for 30 years why can we not have the rest of our roads survive 30 years?

Sand and not Rock

Glass repair shops love Winter. Is it any wonder when they lay down rocks!!! Many a time I have to thank my Windshield for being there and saving my face as the rocks that hit my shield have already led to my Windshields being replaced. Sand is just as good. With enough sand laid down the snow and sand will mix to a muddy slush which may pit and scratch Windshields over time but the results are not going to lead to cracks which will result in eventual Windshield replacement.

Too Many Scales

Chances are if you truck through BC for any amount of time you will get pulled into one of our myriad of scales that are continuosly open. A couple of years ago you would have had to run 4 scales from the time you left Surrey to the time you reached Golden. In order it would have been Highway 1 Eastbound, Hunter Creek, Kamloops Eastbound and Golden on Highway 1 or Tete Jaune on Highway 5. Since construction has taken away the Highway 1 there still remains three scales to get through in such a short period of time. My argument is that in the 9 hours it takes me from Surrey to Golden the only thing that has changed is the amount of fuel I have remaining. Does the Government really feel the need to stop the same trucker 3 times in such a short window?? In my opinion no, but again I am not the Government. All one has to do is look to the rest of the country to see the more liberal attitudes towards trucks and truckers. A good example being Alberta with all it’s “Self Weigh” stations which BC sorely needs. Sure there are a couple of scales open consistently, but they don’t drag drivers in unless there is a safety blitz going on. The same could be said for Ontario. Manitoba on the other hand has 2 scales which are consistently open and they are as much trouble as BC is. Constantly pulling drivers in and doing random checks. (Headingly and Westhawk).

Well my dear reader, if I was in a position of power, these are the changes I would make. Do you have any more to add?

Safe Travels



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