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Travels of a Trucker What to Say

March 30, 2013

Well it seems that I pondered and wrote, wrote and reflected, disregarded and rewrote and now I have nothing to write. Actually it isn;t that bad. I was just at a loss of words thinking what would make the masses read my blog. What would make them come. What would make them like my Facebook Page. What would make me a rising star. What would make me noticed as a small fish in a big pond. Surely I am no American Idol on the way to Stardom and Fame. I am not someone who from obscurity rose to having thousands of fans and 10 fan pages created on Facebook for me. So what does it take I reflect? I guess singing is out of the question for me. My voice crackles so badly I am sounding like Burnell Taylor. Cooking is totally out the door. I can eat it all but never cook it. Being a sports athlete went out the window when I was 16, started smoking and hung around with the wrong crowds. Reality TV has not called me yet. No Editors have banged on my door looking for me to do writeups for their newspapers/magazines yet. So sadly, here I sit waiting for my one day of 15 minute stardom. A stardom that some have on a daily basis.

Take for example my friend Drew Sherwood. Him and I were shooting the shit on a trip to Calgary last week Drew (Ice Road Trucker Reality TV Show… Then there is Rosette Luv. An awesome top Billboard singer who sings a Top Rated song called “Amnesia”.

Then I have another friend who runs a succesful high end Purse/Handbag collection called GYRStyle.

2 American Idol Hopefuls whose dreams were cut short but still have had a 15 minute of fame and whose careers will skyrocket based on their American Idol performances. These 2 are Cortez Shaw and Breanna Steer I wish all the people I have mentioned all the success in the world but I say it of course with all the hopes that one day I too may be noticed….hopefully it isn’t anything bad either…lol

Now I certainly cannot be any of these previous examples. They are friends who have had their time to shine and are still shining. It was funny though, talking with Drew my questions of course centered on what kind of fans did he have? I think there was also some ulterior motive there….lol…How many women Drew?? Were they hot Drew?? Just kidding. But seriously luck comes and goes. Fame comes and goes. I guess at this rate my friendship with those who are in the spotlight continues to grow while my mediocre trend continues waiting for some Editor to notice me…some literary book publishing agent calls me…or I win a lottery and suddenly everyone wants to be my friend…will all have to wait while I continue to pound pavement

Sitting here I am listening to another well known Idol from last year who was the runner up…Jessica Sanchez. She has a new single out with Ne-Yo. How cool is that. What an awesome song they have together. Check it out.

And while your at it, check out my latest friend on Facebook…

She has a new album in the works…can anyone guess wheat she does for a living? Do you watch American Idol at all??? Come on…ok, ok…she is one of the back up singers for the American Idol band. How cool is that! If I had a job like that…I’d be smiling all day too!! Ryan Seacrest would have nothing on me! Braking hard here! What the hell does this have to do with trucking? Well absolutely nothing, but hey lets play a game.

You see a good writer like myself could tie this all into a trucking post. Lets try this on for size. Musicians, Singers and Truckers are all the same. Why? We travel. We stay away from home for extended periods. We have people who count on us. So there you have it fellow drivers. Don;t let anyone tell you that you are not a Superstar because you are!

Thanks for reading!



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  1. belpre permalink

    Is it possible for you to ask Dewy Sherwood a question for me? belpre122 and twinscrew would like to know if he will be returning to the History channel message board anytime soon as pigpen.
    We miss him! Thanks, and I enjoy the blog.

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