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New Job, New Roles, New Responsibilities

April 20, 2013

It;s been a few weeks since I last wrote. Partly since I had been going through another employer issue with non payment. Seems that this has become the trend nowadays for employers to work you and then forget about the payment. The work gets done and they seem to forget that the work was done and avoid payment altogether or simply write bad cheques. Well long story short, I knew this employer was selling the company trucks and keeping lease operators. I didn’t know about his financial situation except to say that he was losing money running Canada only with the cost of fuel. I tried to hang in there and be a trooper like I always am putting my best foot forward and talking to the employer who reassured me he would give me notice. Well sadly he didn’t give me any notice. He simply asked me to start transporting the trucks to Larry’s Sales in Abbotsford. So there I was bringing truck #306, then #303, then #300 over to Abbotsford and the truck I was driving #307 was sitting and is still sitting in the parking lot where he keeps his equipment. Then he asked me to bring 2 trailers back to Ocean Trailer in Delta. I did all that even though my cheque had bounced. I still hounded him for trips even though he left me sitting at home.

Then the realization sunk in. I wasn’t getting any more trips. He was starving me out of work to avoid laying me off and paying the severance pay employers would normally have to give if they lay someone off. I was at a deadend. I knew I needed to work but at the same time I needed to stay close to this guy to get my pay. I have to say, he did pay me the previous cheque he owed but he wanted to ensure that my cheque was good so he stalled me until he got a cashier’s cheque. Not sure why he could not just go and get cash. Meanwhile, the bills are piling up, the wife is riding my ass, and I am looking for work. The options were quite limited. I could apply for work where my friends worked but I prefer to be my own man and find my own jobs. I guess it is the feeling that I would just prefer to avoid working where friends worked to avoid any employer negativity towards them if the job did not pan out for me based on their putting in a good word for me.

So back to the drawing board. Checking Craigslist daily and the Job bank. Submitting resume after resume. I did get some calls, but to be honest my heart was just not into going out on the road for awhile. I had just paid for my VHF to be installed at Metro Mobile radio in Langley and that set me back $345 for the install and supplies. I had left everything when I left Russel freightways except to ring my radio. I left my antennae, my powersource and the quick connect base. With this payment my wife freaked out on me when she found out how much it set me back and within a few weeks of having it installed I was on the end of bad news.

A few days after applying for many jobs, a Craigslist ad showed up for a company called Sunrise Livehaul. Unfamiliar with the work, I just knew that I had seen their trucks out and about and that it was local work. I shot off my resume, commercial abstract and claim history. The next day I got a call to come in for a ride along on a Thursday night which is also their Friday night. So away I went. It was ok. Not much driving but lots of sitting and waiting. The following week I went in and little did I know just how much that would change. With 3 load nights running back and forth between Surrey and Chilliwack, it was busy. I ran just as many hours as it would take me to do a Calgary and even then I was running longer than a Calgary run. I stopped just short of my 14th hour on my first night with 4 more nights of training with the Supervisor to go. I had another 3 trip night on my 2nd night and after that it was peaches with 2 load nights that still lasted 10 hours. I made it through the week (this week) uneventful except to learn about the ins and outs of Chicken hauling and weighing a trailer in and out which is also quite monotonous. Other than that it was all night shift work with odd hours. One night I would start at 6pm, the next night at 10 pm, then 12am then 1am and then 11pm. Off the wall hours and all ran into the morning hours which is quite the drag. I am a dedicated 8am -3 am person and the hours played quite a toll on the body. I did make it through the week without any problems and I guess I will be sticking with this for awhile. I know the wife is happy I am home daily and of course I will also have more computer time too which gives me time to get back blogging. I’ll tell you all some stories of my Chicken hauling days in the future. For now, thanks for reading.



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